Why I Started Real Girls Around the World

If life is short, shouldn’t every moment be spent fulfilling our destinies? Even if the quest takes a little while? Yet, many of us are too afraid to take steps toward our happiness. It’s no wonder why… It can be very intimidating to see someone online living the kind of lives that we wish we were living. In fact, it can look so perfect that we question if our lives could ever measure up… Why bother?

Well, first off, let’s remember that no life exists like the ones portrayed on the feeds. The brave influencers will even tell you this themselves. But of course, not every fabulous online personally shares what it took to “get there”. This usually leaves us with an altered reality and a lot of self doubt. Well, not on my watch!

The girls we feature here on Real Girl Review are not supermodels, they’re not even Insta models. They’re everyday real girls and they’re extraordinary. You’ll definitely be able to relate to them after you read their stories!

That’s why I started Real Girls Around the World. To give you a more authentic look inside the lives of real girls who are kicking butt while living their dreams. Through featuring real girls, my goal is to remind you that there is someone out there just like you and that you don’t have to be intimidated. I hope you can find inspiration in their stories and feel encouraged to start taking steps toward living your own best life.

If you’re in need of some inspiration, look no further! My girls have got you covered! Check out their stories here.