Vermont Spirits Collaboration

For Real Girl Review’s collaboration with Vermont Spirits, I created a unique campaign to showcase their award winning spirits made with maple (No. 1 Bourbon, Coppers Barrel Gin, & Gold Vodka), also, their Meeting House and Distillery (which is the oldest one in Vermont).

While touring the facility, I took video and photo content that would later be used in my blog post (see here) as well as Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and Pinterest posts.

The content I created included keywords the brand wanted emphasized while promoting their products and sharing their interesting history at the same time.

The Experience

I learned so much about the history of the brand but also the process of making different spirits and even crafted some cocktails with Vermont Spirits’ signature recipes for the campaign.

It was really fun to get a one on one tour of the Distillery and meet a few of the skilled people behind one of my favorite bourbon and vodkas!

It was also nice to witness just how passionate they were not only about what they do but also their love for Vermont and keeping things local.

A glimpse of the campaign…

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