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My man could shower me with chocolates, flowers, sweet letters and breakfast in bed… get ready to take me out for a romantic candlelit dinner, and I’d think, “Aww, what a sweet guy”. But, what I’m really thinking about is what Valentine’s Day style outfits I’d be wearing.

It’s just how us girly ladies operate. But, if you’re like me, you get overstimulated by all the different wardrobe options and need some outfit ideas.

Don’t worry! Your girl Geeves here has you covered. The fun never stops at Real Girl Review, and neither does the fashion! 🙂

Whether you’re going out with your honey on Valentine’s Day, having a Galentine’s Day party with friends or, having a solo date at home, here are some different Valentine’s Day styled outfits you can wear! I’ll even share some cutesy PJ and lingerie options for night time.

Would love to hear what looks are your favorite!

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Valentine’s Day Style Outfits from Head to Toe

There are so many different outfits you can pull off whether you want to dress up or dress down. That’s what makes being a girl so much fun! You can dress in so many different styles for every occasion and theme. Valentine’s Day is no different.

When planning these Valentine’s Day style outfits, I had one goal in mind… To dress in as much red, pink, and hearts as possible. So, I went to my wardrobe and literally pulled out anything that even remotely resembled this description.

What I got was a Valentine’s Day explosion in my room. The fun part was putting it all together in different looks.

“Cozy & Cute” Galentine’s Look

This Valentine’s Day, I’m flying solo. So, I’ll be kicking back at home with some girlfriends of mine for an epic 3 day Galentine’s Day event.

Valentine's Day style outfits at party
Heart Sweater (TJ Maxx), similar sweater (Amazon) | Skirt (vintage), similar skirt (Amazon) | Socks (Dollar Tree), Red Lipstick (Dior)

Since it is New England in the dead of Winter, I had to keep my fashion weather appropriate. As much as I’d love to wear a cute dress, it’d be too chilly.

So, I went with a cute but casual and cozy look by pairing a Valentine’s heart sweater with a frilly pink vintage tutu, a pair of leggings and cutesy socks. Because it’s Valentine’s Day, why not? 😉

I know you can pull it off girl. Give it a go! Here are some similar options you can try…



“Boss Babe” Look

This is what I call my “boss babe” look. I work from home but, that doesn’t stop me from dressing up for work at my home office! I love looking and feeling cute while I’m conducting business. Nothing says boss babe like fashion.

To be in theme, I went with a Valentine’s Day styled look that incorporated my regular “boss babe” attire (pants, heels & sweater/blouse) but took it the next step with hearts in red and pink with matching heels.

Shop a similar look here:

“Glam Meets Edgy” Look

For this look, I wanted to mix two of my favorite fashion combos… Old Hollywood Glamour and Edgy Biker Chick.

I got these adorable vintage satin bon bon pumps from a boutique shop in New Orleans a few years back (similar look here) and thought they’d be perfect for Valentine’s Day!

I paired them with a different heart top and black leather pants. Sometimes a look doesn’t have to be incredibly detailed… just a few pieces go a long way in achieving the “look”.

Can’t get enough hearts? Me neither! Here are some heart printed pants and leggings…


“Cocktail Cutie” Look

Can you get any more in theme with Valentine’s Day than with a pink corset? I made it less “bedroomy” and more fun, party!

Valentine's Day style outfits at party

Pink Leather Jacket (similar : Amazon) | Black Skirt (Amazon) | Pink & Black Corset (similar : Amazon)

For this look, I paired it with a pink leather moto jacket, black tulle skirt and a pink corset with black lace.

“Cozy Sleepover” Look

Valentine's Day style outfits for night time
chocolate + cozy PJS = heaven

Nightwear can be PJs, lingerie, lounge wear… Anything you want as long as you feel good in it.

When I’m feeling sexy by myself or with my lover, I want lingerie… A Galentine’s sleepover is a little different. I want to feel cute and cozy.

What would Valentine’s Day be without the matching PJs? I’m so happy that I snatched these up from TJ Maxx when I did in the beginning of January, because this style was all sold out by the time I went back in early February.

That’s the thing about TJ, you have to get into the holiday shopping early. Mostly because shopaholics like me are on the hunt. 😉

I don’t know if you can tell, but, the PJs I’m wearing in the photo have little dogs on them carrying heart letters in its mouth. So freaking cute!

Shop similar PJ styles here…


“Date Night” Look

A few years back, I went to an adorable letter reading at the Boston Tea Party museum with my ex in Boston. It was super romantic… I mean the love story of Abigail and John Adams, the power couple of the 18th century, c’mon now!

So, I had to dress like a sexy love letter sealed with a kiss. I wore a red peplum top, paired with a wide black buckle belt, black pants and black Sam Edelman ankle boots, and a red lip of course. 😉

So, there you have it! Now you’re on your way to looking amazing in these Valentine’s Day styled outfits! I hope you enjoyed my outfit ideas and put together some looks of your own. Let me see how you rock it!

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Now, I want to know! Would you put any of these outfits together? Which look was your favorite? Let me know in the comments below. 🙂

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Thank you so much for your continued love and support! I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you.

Until next time… Sending you lots of love.

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