Vagaro Collaboration

For Real Girl Review’s collaboration with Vagaro, I created a unique campaign for Instagram showing my audience how to use their booking app to make an appointment.

The content included a carousel post for Instagram with photos of me using my phone to book an appointment through the app. It also included a video featuring me sharing a step by step breakdown of how to use the app, ending with me getting my hair done at the salon after booking my hair appointment with Vagaro.

The brand loved the social media campaign I created for them! So much so that they purchased it outright to promote it for future ad campaigns!

My Experience

It was fun to put my thinking cap on and figure out the best way to promote Vagaro’s vision while still keeping things in line with Real Girl Review’s brand. The content brief was pretty basic… but, I decided to put my creative twist on it and show myself getting my hair done at an actual salon which was exactly what you would use Vagaro’s booking app to do.

I was already very familiar with the app having used it before, which made it easier to teach our audiences how to use it too!

A glimpse of the campaign…

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