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You’ve heard about Spring in Paris, why not try Spring in New Orleans? It’s that time of year when the weather is still nice and a lot of great events are going on yet, the Mardi Gras debauchery is gone and college Spring Breakers are heading elsewhere to enjoy the beach.

That said, the activities I’m about to share don’t involve people begging for beads, sippin shots from bosums or guys at Bourbon St. bars with their bums hanging out their jeans. If you want that wild and crazy NOLA experience, check out my Mardi Gras blog.

There’s so much to explore in The Big Easy… from art, music and history to food and architecture. So, get ready because I plan to share them all with you!

In this blog, I share…

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Spring in New Orleans

“The Big Easy”, “N’awlins”, “Crescent City”, “Birthplace of Jazz”, “NOLA”… the city may have a ridiculous amount of nicknames but one thing is for sure… New Orleans has character! There is absolutely no shortage of things to do on this bayou!

Geeves at NOLA art mural in Garden District, New Orleans
Garden District

Why is Spring the best time to go to New Orleans?

New Orleans is a buzzing place to be any time of year but especially lively is the Spring when events like Mardi Gras (Feb or March), St. Patrick’s Day (March), Jazz Fest (April), Gay Easter Parade (April) and the French Quarter Festival (April) draw crowds from all around.

Geeves in French Quarter, Jackson Square
Jackson Square, French Quarter

But, don’t worry! Although there are crowds, it’s not as rowdy as Mardi Gras. You’ll also avoid many of the college Spring Breakers who usually travel to places where they can hit the beach. Which makes Spring in New Orleans the perfect trip for significant others and families to enjoy the fun of such a beautiful and historical place.

Geeves in French Quarter strolling the streets in Spring in New Orleans

Things to Do in New Orleans French Quarter in the Spring

Whether you’re interested in history, architecture, music, exploring, football, gambling or eating, there’s something for everyone to enjoy! Read on for more things to do in New Orleans French Quarter and fun outside the city as well.

  • Take a Natchez River Cruise on the Mississippi

We enjoyed a jazz dinner cruise on the steamboat but, you can also have a jazz brunch. Then, take a walk along the Mississippi River.

  • Café Du Monde

Café Du Monde is iconic, perhaps what I associate most with NOLA. The first time I saw Café Du Monde, it was on my dad’s orange coffee tin can when I was a kid in California. They only sell 2 things- beignets and Vietnamese coffee! It’s so popular that sometimes it’s packed but the line is so worth the wait!! There’s also live music on the street which is so quintessential New Orleans.

  • Joan of Arc Monument

This monument is a gift from France to the people of New Orleans and a great place for a photo opp near Cafe Du Monde.

Geeves taking picture of Joan of Arc, New Orleans

What’s Your Travel Personality?

Every traveler has their own personality. Check out my blog to find out which type of traveler you are and to get a packing list for additional items you’ll need! 😉

  • New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival

If you want to experience what New Orleans is all about, head to the NOLA Jazz & Heritage Festival, filled with jazz, culture and history. More info on purchasing tickets and VIP access here.

  • French Quarter Festival

For those who want the same amazing experience only cheaper and less crowded, come to the French Quarter Festival instead. It’s held annually in early April and is the largest free music event in the US! You’ll have fun dancing in the streets as the musicians play jazz, blues & zendeco.

There’ll be hundreds of musicians giving their best on the Mississippi River. Not to mention the endless food vendors loaded with NOLA flavor. More information here.

  • Gay Easter Parade

The French Quarter lights up with pretty, pastel hats and dresses. Not to mention the fun festivities! It’s a great time for everyone whether you’re in the LGBTQ community or not. 😉

Curious about the Carnival hype?

Check out my Mardi Gras Guide where I share fun facts about Mardi Gras, my experiences and what you can expect.

Jackson Square art for sale
  • Take a Stroll in the French Quarter

One of the simplest (and cheapest) things to do in New Orleans French Quarter is stroll the sidewalks. Unlike other metropolitan cities, skyscrapers aren’t very present. Instead, you get to enjoy the French inspired architecture all around. There’s an incredible charm to the historical French Quarter. The European flare and classic jazz music will swoon you.

  • Head to Bourbon St. in the French Quarter and grab a Hurricane, New Orleans’ signature drink. The drink gets its name from the glass it’s served in that resembles a Hurricane lamp.
  • Jackson Square

Pretty much the center of the French Quarter. So much to enjoy all at once… history, musicians, artists, cooky characters, street performers & break dancers, idyllic views backdrops of historical buildings.

This is the oldest continuously operating cathedral in the US. It was a gift to King Louis IX of France in 1718.

Get a behind the scenes tour on how the multigenerational run business makes their beautifully handcrafted gas and electric lamps. They’re made from the purest copper.

Learn all about New Orleans history and culture. Even Football fans will love it, there’s a section dedicated to NFL and Saints.

New Orleans Saints football helmet
  • Faulkner House Books

Located in an alley of the French Quarter, this quaint little book shop is considered a historical literary landmark. In the 1920’s, famous author, William Faulkner used to rent rooms in this very same building.

Geeves at Faulker book shop in New Orleans
  • Visit New Orleans Cajun Store in the French Quarter and get your hands on all things Tabasco, which has been made in Louisiana for over 200 years.
  • Hit up the art galleries on Royal St.

Things to Do in Neighborhoods Outside the French Quarter

Garden District / Uptown

  • Head to the quaint streets of the Garden District to see the beautiful Antebellum styled mansions.
Touring Antebellum homes in New Orleans
  • Visit the Cemeteries

Jazz funerals”, is the New Orleans way of celebrating a loved ones’ life. Visiting cemeteries are a beautiful way to show your respect. In fact, people are encouraged to join in on what’s called a “second line”. Don’t be surprised if you see Jazz bands playing, picnics being had, photoshoots, families laughing… Visit Lafayette, the oldest of the 7 city operated cemeteries.

  • Vintage shopping on Magazine St.

You can find fabulous millineries for beautiful hats and unique finds. I walked away with adorable vintage red bon bon pumps.

Business District / Downtown

  • Check out RiverWalk Downtown between the Business District and French Quarter.
Geeves strolling River Walk
  • Head downtown to Saenger Theater to catch a comedy show. NOLA has a Comedy Fest every year. They had a great line up!
At Saenger theatre for Comedy Fest


Look out for events like the Gumbo & Congo Square Rhythms Festival.


It’s one of the largest city parks in the country and a very peaceful place to go to relax, bike, have a picnic, go fishing, attend a festival or get a bit of art, nature & culture in. They have a café, museum, garden, art installations, park. The botanical garden has over 2,000 varieties of plants and over 819 species. Check out their events like the Big Bass Rodeo & Fishtival!


New Orleans City Park has the largest grove of mature live oaks in the world, some of which are nearly 800 years old.

Source: New Orleans City Park

More Things to Do Outside New Orleans in the Spring

  • Oak Alley Plantation tour | Vacherie, LA

What better way to honor Louisiana’s history than with a plantation tour? Oak Alley is a big property with grandeur and a beautiful landscape. Many films, TV shows and even a Beyonce music video were filmed here.

You can even stay the night in one of Oak Alley’s charming cottages. You can also sample New Orleans favorites in their restaurant, try the sampler! Take a roundtrip shuttle bus to/from Oak Alley, which is about 1 hr. 10 min (70 mi) from the French Quarter.

At Oak Alley Plantation in Vacherie, Louisiana
Oak Alley

Arthur Matherne was our guide and he was not only super friendly but went above and beyond to give us a good time, showing us alligators up & close and stopping to take photos of us.

How to Get Around New Orleans

Want to experience history and get around while taking a break? Hop aboard St. Charles Streetcar, the oldest streetcar line in the world! It takes you through the city for just $1.25/ea. way.

Other than the streetcar, you can also take the bus, taxi, or bike. More info on New Orleans’ bike share program here.

St. Charles Street Car in Downtown New Orleans

How to Stay Safe in New Orleans

New Orleans is a fantastic place to take a trip but, just like any city, be cautious of violence and crime which, NOLA is known to have. I encountered an experience walking down the street in the French Quarter where a man had punched my umbrella, I’m lucky that’s all it was.

It doesn’t hurt to take an abundance of caution.

Ways to Stay Safe

  • Avoid walking at night if you can help it. Instead, take an uber, cab, or streetcar to your destination.
    • Streetcar ends at 11 PM. Buy Jazzy Passes and view schedule here. You can also download app for touch-free payment.
  • I would strongly advise against traveling here alone. I always go with someone whether it’s a boyfriend, family or friends.
  • Try to blend by looking like a local who knows where they’re going, not a lost tourist.
  • Plan your destination and route in advance. In other words, don’t be the helpless looking tourist that pulls up Google Maps on the street.

For more Safety Tips…

Read my Dating Safety blog for Women where I give 20 safety tips and ways to stay safe.

And there you have it! 30 Things to Do in New Orleans French Quarter & beyond for your trip this Spring in New Orleans!

travel Geeves with suitcase

Now, I want to know! Would you travel to New Orleans in the Spring? What activities off this list would you do? Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

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Thank you so much for your continued love and support! I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you.

Stay tuned for my next New Orleans blog where I share the best foodie finds in the city! Until next time… Sending you lots of love.

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