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Valentines Day… you either love it or you hate it but, whether you like it or not, the day is still coming. So, you can either spend it stabbing your ex’s voodoo doll or, you can come join me and a lot of other awesome girls out there for the ultimate solo Valentine’s date at home.

Whether you just went through a breakup and want to say, “A,B,C,D,E, FU..”, or, you’re happily single on Valentine’s Day and wanting some ideas for how to spend the day, you’ve come to the right place!

From elaborate themed food and cute cocktail recipes you can make yourself or have delivered, to a heavenly evening full of bubble baths and vibrators for the upmost self love, your girl Geeves here has you covered with everything you need to make this one heck of a special solo Valentine’s Day date from morning to night!

FYI… This Valentine’s Day will start off nice and end naughty. I’ll even give you a “girls best friend”.. literally.. that’s what is called.  

So keep reading, the fun has only just begun girlfriend. 😉

In this blog, I share…

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Did You Know…

That at San Antonio Zoo’s “Cry Me a Cockroach” fundraiser, you can name a cockroach after your ex which will be fed to an animal on Valentine’s Day? If your ex was a snake, name a rat after him instead. 😉

Get Ready for a Safe and Sexy Solo Date at Home this Valentine’s Day

Sometimes being single on Valentine’s Day is like being sick in the middle of your Hawaii vacation (true story) or being gluten free at the hottest bakery in town. Seriously?! But, just because you are single on Valentine’s Day, the time of year that celebrates love birds, does not mean that the day has to suck.

You can still enjoy the day being single and I’m going to show you how! So, here are 9 steps to enjoying the perfect solo date on Valentine’s Day. Let’s put ourselves first for a change.

Because guess what girly? You don’t need anyone but your own sweet, sweet company to enjoy Valentine’s Day. Sometimes, the best celebration is with ourselves. It’s time for some “me time”.

Geeves kissing a stuffed bear
Guess it’s just me and this guy

You Should Know…

This solo date requires a little bit of prep so stay with me here. 

You’ll dress up yourself, your dinner table, your bath, and your bed for one “ooh la la” heck of a time. But don’t worry, I’ve also given you quickie options for everything from food (order in) to nails (press on & gel strips). 

You should be able to look your best, eat your best, feel your best while running your empire. 😉 Alright, now here’s how it’s gonna go down this Valentine’s Day. Follow me!

Step by Step Guide on How to Spend Valentine’s Day Single:
What to Buy and Prepare

Step 1: Morning Of, Set Your Day Off Right

Just like a song from my favorite Audrey Hepburn movie, Funny Face says… if you want to be lovely and charming, you gotta be happy! 

Every day when I wake up, I have a morning ritual. I wake up my stiff body and give it a little stretch. Then, say something positive out loud to myself. It sets my day off to an amazing start.

So, whether you’re sad about being alone on Valentine’s Day or COVID wrecked your romantic plans, no crying girl!

Instead, wake up, have some tea, a bite of chocolate, light a candle and say a positive affirmation out loud. Something like: “Today, I’m going to have a special Valentine’s Day with myself”. 

Then, give yourself a hug. I know that sounds weird but do it, trust me. I do it too and it totally works. It’s a self-fulfilled prophecy and I swear by it!

Some of my favorite morning self care essentials

As I talk about in my New Year’s blog, self care is so important. What does it look like for you?

Step 2: The Food & Drinks

You know all those foodie cravings you usually have? Let’s take it to the next level and make it Valentine’s Day themed. Heart arranged, shades of pink and red… all that over the top, girly, “extra” stuff.

What’s on the Valentine’s Day Menu?

Don’t be afraid to brain dump your ideas. Lay it out on a vision board or create a cutesy Valentine’s Day menu if it helps you plan better. 

For those running the kitchen show, I share dinner and dessert recipe options. I also share ways to get food, snacks, desserts & alcohol delivered if you prefer to relax and let someone else do all the work. It’s your day queen… 😉

Whether you want to cook and bake something or order in, your girl Geeves here has no shortage of options for you to choose from.

♡ Cook Dinner at Home

Good news! There are so many ways to put a cutesy VDay spin on your favorite recipes by plating your dish!

Plating your meal can take a dish from yummy to over the top especially when there’s a good theme! So fun! It’s as simple as piping sauce in the shape of a heart or forming the rice in a heart-shaped bowl or cookie cutter.

Feeling spontaneous? Try a themed Valentine’s recipe.

♡ Bake Dessert at Home

Okay, I’m all for themes but these desserts take it to the next level. Here are some desserts whether you’re a broken hearted or happy singleton.

Geeves baking heart cookies
Focusing hard… I love baking and decorating sugar cookies for themes!
Valentine's Day dessert buffet table
I decided to go all out and create a dessert buffet table! I baked & decorated everything by hand. 😉
It’s very easy to make your own dessert charcuterie board
  • Dessert for the Angry

“You broke my heart bitch”

You’re totally entitled to bake a You Broke My Heart Smash Cake and stab it to death like Taylor Swift did in Blank Space. You do you girl.

Or take less violent measures, hammer a chocolate heart instead. 😉

  • Dessert for the Sad

“Chocolate is the only one who loves me”

Heal your broken heart instead with a Broken Heart Chocolate Cake.

  • Dessert for the Happy

“Single and lovin it!”

Happy singletons can just plate any of those desserts with rose petals and self-love. 😊

Stay Safe, Save Time, Get Food & Drinks Delivered

You know what you want to eat and drink and have come up with a stellar VDay menu.

The great thing about food these days is that you can get pretty much everything you need delivered from dinner and snacks to alcohol and desserts. Less time shopping, more time getting cutesy and enjoying VDay! 😉 

Delivery Services: Groceries & Alcohol

Grocery Delivery in Under an Hour

  • Instacart
    Order groceries here. They also ship alcohol (not all states)

Alcohol Delivery in 1 Hour

  • Drizly
    Order alcohol here.

♡ Order in

So you’re like, screw all that… I’d rather stand in the cold, wearing a bikini than stand over a hot stove. I hear ya girl!

Or, maybe you want to treat yourself to a special gourmet meal at home instead.

There are plenty of COVID safe, convenient shopping and dining alternatives for meals, sweets and snacks. 

Delivery Services: Gourmet Meals, Sweets & Snacks 

What’s for Dinner?

You’d be amazed at just how many places offer Valentine’s Day dinners for takeout and delivery. If your favorite gourmet restaurant in town doesn’t offer delivery, try curbside pickup. Most places offer it these days.

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Or better yet, get your favorite fancy foods shipped directly to you.

Gourmet Snacks, Desserts & Meals Delivered Nationwide

With Goldbelly, you can order a ready to cook meal kit and full-on Valentine’s Day dinners from your favorite restaurants, even the Michelin ones. 😉

What’s For Dessert? 

Or, maybe you want to skip dinner all together and just snack on sweets and tasty goodies all day. You go girl! 

Goldbelly also offers gourmet snacks and desserts from all over the country, shipped right to your door! They even have dessert meal kits!

Valentine’s Day Sweets

Step 3: Flowers

♡ Treat yourself to a beautiful flower arrangement

Urban Stems offers arrangements for every occasion including Valentine’s Day, delivered by hand.

Step 4: Valentine’s Day Cocktails

Set up a bar in your home with pretty pink spirits and decorated glasses

♡ Craft Your Own Cocktails

What’s a VDate without a craft cocktail or bubbly? Plan a themed cocktail for the evening. Then, pour yourself a drink (or two)!

Let’s pop open that bubbly and cheers to the best VDay you’ve had in a while. Don’t forget to pour a glass for yours truly. 😉

This clever cocktail mixology website shows you how to create a drink with what you have. It also tells you ingredients to get to make even more cocktails.

Valentine’s Day Drinks For Every Girls’ Tastebuds

They’re pink, they’re sweet, they’re fabulous! Serve with an iced heart. 😉

Geeves, happy and single on Valentine's day
Cocktail recipes

For the Cocktail Cutie

Make like the queen of the single ladies, Carrie Bradshaw and have these cocktails.

Mary Pickford
We absolutely could not list drinks for a solo girl’s date without at least one named after a woman. 😉

For the Dessert Darling

For the Bourbon Beauty

For the Rosé Babe

For the Gin Gal

It’s the right amount of “extra” and it’s divine.

For the Virgin

No worries, just because it’s VDay and you’re single, doesn’t mean you have to drink. 😉 There are plenty of virgin cocktails. One of my favorites is…

For the Wine Woman

Fun way to do bubbly themed for VDay w/ glitter ice cubes

For the Bubbly Beauty

Step 5: Set the Scene

Dinner Table Decor for Valentine’s Day

Geeves in a Valentine's Day style outfit at her party
Valentine’s Day for 1 please!

♡ Set the Table

Set your dinner table in style with Valentine’s Day linens and heart accents such as plates and napkin rings. It’s the little details that make the difference!

Step 6: Get Dolled Up

You don’t need a man (or woman) to dress up for. This is our solo date after all. And we want to look, smell, and feel amazing. Your solo girl’s date is all about pampering yourself.

♡ Time to look and feel your best!

Start by taking a nice, hot, steamy shower. Maybe put on a nice face mask… Always does the trick for me. 😉

Then, do your make up and nails!

Getting ready in the mirror
Just a few minutes of this relaxing cooling mask and I’m ready for my solo date!

Dashing Diva has a great selection of cruelty-free nail gel strips and sticks on’s that are quick & easy- no mess! Not to mention safe! No salon required. They also have Valentine’s Day-themed nails!

Look Amazing

You know that cute dress you’ve been saving but haven’t had a date to wear it to? Now’s the time! Wear it just for you beautiful.

Valentine’s Day Style Outfits

Want some cute outfit ideas for your solo date? Your girl Geeves here has you covered with different Valentine’s Day styles you can rock! Check out my fashion blog.

Smell Amazing

Spritz some perfume… something that makes you feel how you want to feel…. sexy, beautiful, strong.

What’s a scent that makes me feel powerful? Cleopatra by Tocca… I always get so many compliments (from both men and women). It’s seriously mesmerizing!

The amazing thing about Tocca is that they embrace female individuality and encourage women to love themselves. Their intoxicating line of perfumes helps us to do that.

Just like us, each scent is unique and named after women. Each perfume reflects her life, style, and one-of-a-kind desires, dares, and dreams. It’s basically your essence wrapped up in a bottle. Find one that speaks to your personality.

Their perfumes are beautifully bottled and packaged and chic. Try a perfume sampler to find your signature scent. Or, try a new one each of your moods every day. 😉

Your Special Evening

You look good, feel good. Now it’s time to set the scene and enjoy your evening!

Set the table with a nice table runner and cloth napkins… put out the flowers, light a candle..

Valentine's Day party spread
I love decorating and baking for themes!

This is your time. Enjoy your own company however you like it best. Because you are the best. And deserve the best. Even if you’re giving it to yourself. No one can make you feel better in this moment than you.

Have dinner while watching a romantic movie… or screw romance, watch something funny.. and silly like Mean Girls, Bring it On, or Clueless… girl dramas are always fun.

Step 7: Bath Time

Now, you’re about to get settled in for the night… Here’s how to make the cutest bubble bath for some you time!

♡ The Perfect Bath

Step 1: Turn on some music… whatever sets the mood right… jazz always does it for me… “Alexa, play Chet Baker radio on Pandora“.

Step 2: Light a few candles, throw a bath bomb in, and get your cute booty in that tub.

Step 3: Pour yourself another cocktail or, some yummy hot cocoa. Pair it with the cutest dessert charcuterie board.

Dessert charcuterie board for Valentine's Day
Dessert charcuterie board baked and assembled by yours truly 😉

Bathtub Sweets & Bubbly

What are you craving for your bathtime dessert buffet?

You know… those high-cal snacks you usually reserve for PMS. The “top shelf” goodies.

I know what you’re thinking… but I just mentioned dessert! Yes, but that was dessert after dinner. What about bathtime dessert? What’s a bath without a lil something sweet and a lil something bubbly?

This is VDay so, the good stuff. More inventive. A tinge of something “extra” like Valentine’s Day Cupcakes or, treat yourself to a delicious pre-made charcuterie and cheese board.

After your bath, light some more candles (you can never have too many IMO). And lather up with a yummy body butter all over… feel your silky smooth skin…

You’re so gorgeous, girl!

Step 8: Slip into Something That Makes You Feel Good Tonight

Now, put something on that reflects how you want to feel.. don’t know bout you babe but sexy night wear totally does that for me…

Don’t wait to feel cute and sexy and love your life without someone to appreciate it. Do it for you. Just for you.

What’s Your Night Time Mood?

Wanna feel sexy?

Wanna feel cozy? Put on a plush robe and velvety slippers or adorable jammies and socks.

Wanna rock what your mama gave ya? Go au naturale babe…

Slip-on some lingerie, a spritz of perfume, lipgloss... 💋

Step 9: Love yourself, pleasure yourself

♡ A lil self lovin’…

You’ve had a yummy meal, you’re relaxed and smell amazing, your skin is glowing, time to get in the mood


Sex Toys are all about embracing your womanhood and enjoying the amazing sensations that come from within our own bodies. There’s so much pleasure that comes from feeling confident and comfortable with ourselves even during solo playtime.

But toys don’t have to be big, intimidating, and vulgar. They can be cute, small, and girly. We’re feminine beauties after all. And just like Valentine’s Day, we’re special and cute as hell!

  • Vesper by Crave

    They even have one in 24k gold if you’re feeling fancy.
  • OhMiBod is known as “the OG of sex technology”.

    I love knowing that OhMiBod has a selection of vibrators that are made for women by women (female-owned and operated). Who better to create our sex toys for us?

    Their vibrators are girly, fun, cute, discreet, and even have hearts! Umm.. hello, perfect for V-Day.
    Save 10% on your 1st order with promo code: LOVELETTER
  • LoveLife Discover

    Real girls want something cute and discreet yet powerful. This is a great solo vibrator and is quiet and splash-proof too.
  • Lovelife Cuddle Mini

    “Petite & Discreet” mini-golf spot massage with super cute packaging. Even comes with a satin pouch. The perfect VDay gift to yourself.
Lovelife Cuddle Mini


That’s a Wrap

So there you have it! The Ultimate Guide to a Perfect Solo Valentine’s Day Date! Cheers to you, girly. I hope you’re going to have a lovely Valentine’s Day. You don’t need anyone but yourself to enjoy it.

What does your perfect solo date at home look like? Were they any of the things that I mentioned? Comment below! I’d love to hear from you.

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Until next time!

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