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This blog was sponsored by Basic Invite. Here, I’ll be sharing save the date wedding invitations. As always, all opinions and hilarious commentary (if I do say so myself) are my own. 😉

You’ve Got Mail!

Or, do you? Do you even know what mail is anymore?

There is no warmer gesture, in my opinion, than when someone takes the time to send you a personal card or letter. A card requires more thought than a text. The same is true for a wedding invitation. Not to mention, it feels nice to be included in your loved ones special day.

Wedding Invitation

Are Save the Date Wedding Invitations Going Extinct?

The act of receiving a paper that’s not a bill seems so farfetched in this digital day and age which makes receiving a personal invitation that was thoughtfully selected, tastefully designed, and addressed to you that more special.

Save the date card ideas

Anyone who truly knows me knows what a romantic I am. Call me old fashioned but, I prefer seeing a postmarked, stamped envelope over an email notification and a letter pressed invitation over an e-invite any day. I even still use a letter opener. 😉

There’s something about getting a handwritten letter or card from a loved one. In fact, I still have some birthday cards I was given when I was a teenager.

But, I don’t just love receiving them, I love sending them too. If you take a peek in my desk drawers, I have several sets of lovely stationary boxes filled with cards I handwrite thank you notes on.

Sadly, these days, we’re seeing more and more e-invites.

The only time that has ever been romantic is in a movie. But, you’re not Tom Hanks and I’m certainly not Meg Ryan. Doesn’t mean you can’t still have a Hollywood romance. You just have to go back a decade or two. 😉

Fun Wedding Customs Worldwide

Turkey: Before the wedding, brides spike their groom’s coffee with salt to see if he complains. If not, he’s a keeper.

Ancient Rome: Couples would end their ceremony with a kiss because it was a legal bond that sealed the contract. They also broke a cake over the bride’s head for good luck.

France: If you can prove that your deceased partner intended to marry you before they died, you can marry them. It’s called a “Posthomous Marriage”.

In a world where we’ve become obsessed with upgrading to the latest phone and wouldn’t dream of living without a smart watch counting our every step, we seem to have forgotten about the lost, time-honored tradition of sending personal invitations in the mail.

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In fact, we’ve become so consumed with technology that it’s eliminated the basic human interactions that have connected us to one another since the beginning of time. Ironically, it’s the same reason things seem to be getting harder these days. Things that, in theory, should be so much easier given the overwhelming amount of options we have at our fingertips, like online dating.

Wedding invitation

Once upon a time, we weren’t left dateless on a Saturday night because an automated timer expired our match, making our love interests disappear into the abyss of unswipeable men taking bathroom urinal selfies… 

We weren’t dealing with sassy robot assistants ignoring us when we ask them to turn on the lights, only listening in when she’s not supposed to.

Wedding quote

Since technology blew up, we’re so far removed from the meaning of sweet gestures and personal touches. These days, our reality revolves around the latest cryptocurrency craze and social media’s persistent attempt to make metaverse a thing.

Without our TikTok fix, we’re crazy… God forbid you drop your phone or worse… it goes dead.

But, I digress…  

Today, the art of letter writing may only be appreciated by a few, but it’s not lost completely…

Wedding invitation Instagram post

Let’s Bring the Wedding Invitation Back

This is your special day. It only happens once, maybe twice (three or more depending on who you ask…) but that’s not the point!  

Would you rather have your guests feel special when they receive a beautiful wedding invitation in the mail (which they will undoubtedly put on their fridge for bragging rights)… or, try to guess whether or not they received your e-invite in their sea of spammy emails.

Wouldn’t it be nice to look back at your scrapbook and see a wedding invitation you saved as a keepsake instead of looking at an e-invite on your screen?

Wedding invitation

The last wedding I went to, I was one of the primary members of the bridal party. The wedding before that, I was a friend of the groom. Did I get wedding invitations? No… Instead, I got an address and date sent to me via Whatsapp. It felt like they didn’t care enough about their big day and therefore, it didn’t feel significant to me either. Getting a simple text made me feel, as a guest, like an afterthought.

Whatever happened to the old school way of inviting people? It had a personal touch, was effective because I wasn’t waiting for my “high speed” wifi to kick in… informative because I didn’t have to ask the bride and groom a million follow up questions.

Wedding invitation

I could just look at the card… the oh-so stunning letterpress of a card (ooh, cardstock, fancy shmancy) and know that there was some valuable information there and it made me feel like a significant part of their celebration.

So friends, if you are in the same nostalgic pickle that I’m in, I’m here to tell you that you are in luck!

Wedding invitation

Just recently, I discovered Basic Invite, who I had heard about before but haven’t had an occasion to use them, yet.

And just like that, I’m looking at 5 samples of brilliantly designed invitations… the perks of being a content creator. 😊 Oh, and they’re wedding invitations I might add.

For the record, I am not getting married (although all of my friends seem to be). 

Basic Invite offers a range of invitations for all different events and celebrations whether you’re throwing an epic “I can’t believe I’m 30” birthday bash, a themed movie night, a graduation, your dog’s first Christmas bash, I mean literally, like anything you can think of, they have a card for it.

So, if you’re outstandingly extra like myself and want a little more of that oomph, you’ll enjoy all the different customizations available to you. Nothing is too obnoxious for a bride who’s getting married for the first time. And Basic Invite not only gives you a wide array of options, they make it easy for you too.

The invitations that particularly caught my eye are these gorgeous save the date wedding invitations which I literally just sent my girlfriend who’s having a California beach wedding next Summer!

For those of you who already know how meaningful a set of beautifully printed invitations are, hats off to you. You never forgo elegance and attention to detail when it comes to matters of the heart. I’d be willing to bet, you even have a leather-bound planner, bullet journal &/or a pretty set of stationery you send as thank you cards. 😉

Who says we can’t take advantage of the convenience of the online world with some old fashioned flare.. let’s design some wedding invitations! 🙂

Mountain wedding invitation design

What I Love About Basic Invite’s Save the Date Wedding Invitations

  • They have wedding invitation designs for every wedding theme or style.
  • Almost Unlimited Colors- There are over 180 colors to choose from which sets Basic Invite apart from nearly all other stationery companies I’ve found. You can even customize the invitation further by changing the colors of the elements within the design. When you’re done, preview it instantly.
  • Custom Samples- You can order a printed sample of your actual invitation before placing your final order. This way, you can see how the card prints in real life and make sure you like the paper quality. If not, you can order a thicker/thinner paper. 
  • Wide Selection of Envelopes- We want our envelopes to compliment the invitations we took so long to design, right? You have over 40 different envelope colors to choose from. You can even have them match the invitation. Also, all of Basic Invite’s envelopes are peel and seal. No more licking envelopes! You can avoid a Seinfeld disaster. If you know, you know 😉 (S7.E22.)
  • Address Capturing Service- You can even request your guests’ addresses via a link on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. The addresses are stored in your account and can be selected during the design process. Recipient address printing is free on all card orders.
  • Foil invitations- If you’re looking for something extra, order a foil design in gold, silver, and rose gold.
  • You can also order bridal shower invitations for all your girls.
Cute bridal shower invitations

Plus, they have a “Love it Guarantee”. If you’re not completely satisfied with your invitations. Basic Invite will either reprint them for you or give you a refund.

Save 15%

Who doesn’t like a good deal? Right now Basic Invite is offering 15% off with coupon code: 15FF51

That’s a Wrap!

Whether you’re getting married and looking for save the date wedding invitations or have another special occasion coming up, I hope you give Basic Invite a try!

Would you prefer to send an old fashioned wedding invitation or e-invite? I’m so interested to know. Let me know in the comments below!

Check out Basic Invite on social media to see their latest invitation designs and special deals: @basicinvite

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  1. I am so in love with the way you outlined wedding customs around the world and how unique they are from each other. I found the love of my life in the most unexpected way last year and tonight, he asked me to marry him. We want to have the ceremony as soon as we possibly can in a small chapel where we can sign our marriage license. This article has been so inspiring, thanks for this.

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