Real Girls Around the World

Welcome to Real Girls Around the World! I’m so excited you’re here!

Allow me to introduce myself…

In case you’re wondering, “who is this girl and what the heck is “Real Girls Around the World”…

Hey girly! I’m Geeves, a travel blogger by day, real girl by night. I have many of the same experiences that you do and after sharing them online a few years ago, I got a very positive reaction from my friends and modest following who could relate and gave me the confidence to continue writing about it. And just like that, Real Girl Review was born!

But, I’m not the only real girl out there. There are so many inspiring stories from others who aren’t afraid to be themselves and make it their priority everyday to live life to the fullest.

What is Real Girls Around the World?

As the name suggests, Real Girls Around the World spotlights real girls from all around the world and shares their stories. The “real girls” we’re talking about here are bloggers, digital nomads, entrepreneurs, inspirers, connecters. They’re not just your everyday, ordinary girl. These girls go in the direction of their dreams and don’t let anything hold them back.

But because they’re real girls, they also have obsessions, hopes and fears, health concerns, obstacles, failures, broken hearts…

Bottomline. Real Girls Around the World is a space where we can all share who we really are and enjoy the best that life has to offer by empowering each other to explore new destinations, offering a few tips and inspiration along the way. Does this sound like you? I’m interested to hear your story!

Why my readers will love you…

If I reached out to you, it’s because you embody the qualities my core readers love- cultural travel, fun experiences, culinary delights, the beauty of a place, nature, health & wellness and exploring on foot.

That said, share as much as you want about your country and culture. Most of my readers are from the US & UK and therefore, are looking to travel to new and exciting destinations in your part of the world. Your experiences and perspective will help them learn new things about places they never knew anything about in a fun yet, informative way.

Where your article will be promoted…

  • Blog

Since starting Real Girl Review the Summer of 2020, Google has picked up 1/3 of my blogs on Google Discover. Many have even landed on the coveted 1st page of Google’s search queries. This is what we aim for with your article!

  • Social Media

TikTok: 24.2K + organic followers

Twitter: 17.4K+ organic followers

Instagram: 3.4K+ organic followers

What to expect…

Your article will have a Q&A style format. You’ll have the chance to not only answer some fun questions I’ve come up with (and think my audience will love) but also, questions you’ve submitted yourself as well.

Once we’ve confirmed a date, I will send the interview questions for you to answer and email back to me by the agreed upon date. This will give me enough time to format the blog and optimize for SEO before publishing.

What I Need From You:

– Intro Paragraph (2-3 par.)

– Your Story / Q&A Interview

– Where readers can find you (links to website, social media handles, etc.)

– 5-6 photos (at least 1 style shot)

What to share in your article…

Here at Real Girl Review, we talk about it all – the Good, the Bad and the Ugly. Nothing is off limits. The more interesting, shocking, random, weird and hilarious, the better! This is your opportunity to tell your story girl!

This can be through your adventures and experiences, personal stories you’re itching to tell and anything else that inspires you!

Ideas for what to share about yourself:

Your country: where you live, where you grew up

What you love about your country: favorite qualities & places to enjoy

Anything you want people to learn: fun facts, tips, hidden treasures only locals know about

If you’re a boss babe, share what products and services you offer

Your fashion style & personality

And that’s about it! We’re aiming to have fun here so be as laid back as you want! Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions you may have:

Do you know someone who is the epitome of a real girl? Share this link with them!

Can’t wait to share your story!