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Hey! 🙂 It’s your girl Geeves here and today, I’m excited to announce my latest passion project for Real Girl Review with you called, “Real Girls Around the World“.

Long before I started Real Girl Review, I’d always envisioned a cozy place on the web where people of all walks of life could come and feel welcomed and not judged for not being “Instagram or Pinterest worthy” enough. Then, I finally did something about it the Summer of 2020 and started

Let me tell you, I couldn’t have had more ill timing! COVID really put a damper on things and made life.. well, not fun anymore. Content creators were being ridiculed for posting pictures of better days and I didn’t know what to post as I had just started… Plus, my reality was a whole lot different than everyone else’s. I happened to be in the middle of a roadtrip, quite literally stranded on an island in the Keys quarantining amid lockdown orders, beautiful palm trees and radiant sunshine.

I asked myself, “how am I going to share the inspiration and love without putting people off?” So, I kind of put the brakes on and enjoyed making the best of 2020, starting back up again in 2021 sharing uplifting, silly videos of what it’s like to be a real girl.

However, when I think about it, Real Girl Review couldn’t have come at a better time when everything around us was collapsing and we could no longer fake it online anymore. That’s when the heart of RGR really shined and my “real girl” stories started to have a voice. It was like giving chicken noodle soup for the soul… it may not be that dainty little cupcake that’s just pretty to look at but it has substance.

I’ve always chosen to emphasize “the good, the bad & the ugly” over “perfection” and tell stories in a real, humorous way as you never know what’s going to come from life and sometimes, you have to have a laugh. These last few years has definitely proven that. Which is why I believe that life’s best moments come from when we’re just our crazy, silly selves and having fun along the way.

Now, it’s 2022 and we’ve started bouncing back. People are planning travel and adventures again. I’ve received some amazing comments on the blog from people sharing their travel wishes and plans with me even saying they got some good ideas from the blog! (which makes me so happy) 🙂

The RGR blog is seeing its first dramatic climb in visitors (growing 5x) for the first time since its launch.. gaining more traction on TikTok (currently 24.2 K followers), Twitter (currently 18 K followers) and Instagram (3.5K) which is kinda like a graveyard these days honestly. Hopefully social media only improves from here (#ElonMuskTwitterTakeover).

Anyway, I couldn’t be more proud of how far my baby has come!

The real truth is this… I wouldn’t be here if you didn’t read my blogs or follow me on social media and I know that. So, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for reading what I have to say and helping make my dream a reality. It means so much to me.

I hope to continue sharing a lovely place for us all to come and feel excited about life, feeling good about ourselves everyday like we’re not only “enough” but, amazing individuals.

You make Real Girl Review what it is. Now, I’m excited to share an extension of that dream with you…

Since this is Real Girl Review and I’m not the only girl out there, I want to spotlight other real girls too. So, every month on, I’ll be featuring a new Real Girls Around the World article where I’ll spotlight a new kick ass female that I believe represents the “real girl”.

Consider it the next phase of RGR… kinda like “Real Girl Review 2.0”. 😉

For our very 1st “Real Girls Around the World”, Real Girl Review features a super cool Egyptian chick named, Nadine from Curls en Route. We’ll share fun stories about her life, favorite travel adventures and what she loves most about her country.

Read her story here!

Are you a “real girl“? We’d love to hear your story. Learn how to be featured here!


  1. I’ve enjoyed reading your blogs and hope to find some interesting connections to others in this part of your website.

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