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Geeves Joy

Freelance Travel & Lifestyle Writer

Sometimes it takes being hit in the eye with a pencil for your whole life to change. That’s what happened to me when (during a freak accident), a pencil attached to a paper airplane landed in my eye and doctors were able to, strangely enough, diagnose their mystery patient with Lupus, which had long been undetected.

In the years to follow, my life would look very different from the lives of other young people. Ever the optimist, I found something to get me through. The disease may have kept me bed ridden, but it also gave me the gift of magazines thanks to my many doctors visits.

Clinging onto these stories like a life raft, I would dream of better days when I’d get to fly around the world, experiencing the best restaurants, hotels and sceneries life had to offer, just like the writers did in my magazines. It wasn’t long before the writers’ stories fueled my own passion for writing, which I took up during my time in isolation.

Fast forward a decade later to my Lupus in remission… (knock on wood). Having carved an untraditional path for myself, I’ve fulfilled my life-long goal of traveling and writing full-time.

I am my father’s daughter, a proud Asian American and a Lupus warrior.

My Work

My interests and experiences are diverse, allowing me to cover many topics. However, my focus is on travel and lifestyle. Think, exciting destinations, adventures and travel reviews (both luxury & budget hotels, restaurants & experiences). I’ve contributed to numerous travel publications, local brands and tourist boards including Visit Carson City and Travel Dudes.

My work has also been featured in publications such as Sexual Health Magazine and Live UTI Free, where I was able to connect with women facing real issues while sharing my own experiences.

You can expect my articles to be authentic, informative and upbeat.

Writing Samples

Carson City, From Historical to Hip: 10 Reasons to Get Off the Highway


With speedier highways and faster cars, comes the bypassing of small but significant destinations like Nevada’s state capital, Carson City, who many have misjudged for being nothing more than its capital building, a quick shop at Trader Joe’s …

UTI or Yeast Infection, What’s a Woman to Do?


UTIs and yeast infections are often a sensitive subject among women… There’s so much embarrassment and shame associated most of the time, that it’s almost like we’d rather say that we have an autoimmune disease, diabetes, or even a stomach virus. 

Things to Do in Vancouver on a Rainy Day


When you’re visiting a city like Vancouver, so known for rain that its nickname is “Raincouver”, you need to be prepared for indoor activities on your trip. Whether you don’t mind the rain or want to stay dry inside, here’s a list of things to do in Vancouver on a rainy day. 

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