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New Year, New You? That’s pure hokum my friends, you’re already perfect. More like, New Year Self Care!

Now, if you aren’t a fan of Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory, chances are, the amusing part of that will be lost on you. So, to clarify…

“New you” is just some piece of writing that a highly paid marketing person came up with one day as a slogan to make us all feel bad about ourselves once a year. So bad in fact… that we base our entire New Year resolution around the idea that somehow something is wrong with us individually..

This has helped the diet industry rake in a whopping 60 BILLION… (yes, that’s billion with a B), per YEAR

Ahem… Screw that. You’re perfect the way you are! Let’s bring those numbers down.


In 2019, the weight loss industry reached a record $78 BILLION in sales.

Source : Business Wire

By the way, you will never and I mean NEVER find a review or endorsement of any weightloss/diet products in any of my blogs.

Yes, some can say… “but you are thin, how would you know the struggles?”… Fair enough.

The fact of the matter is… did you know that keeping weight on, gaining weight and maintaining a healthy weight is also a struggle for many? Calorie considerations are not the only reason, many (myself included) have medical issues that result in an unhealthy body weight. 

It’s troublesome, annoying and YES, self-esteem destroying. We never know what is going on with others behind closed doors. Or, better yet… away from the body morphing filters that monopolize every phone, social media and photo editing app around the world. 

The truth is… you don’t constantly have to update yourself as if you were an app… Sometimes, you’re already perfect just the way you are. Yes, I’m lookin at you beautiful. 😉


The average person keeps their New Year’s resolutions for an average of 36 days.

Source : People Magazine

Celebrating You Just As You Are

So, how do we stop this “never good enough” syndrome that a lot of us seem to be suffering from?

This new year, instead of making new years resolutions to fix, transform, or better ourselves… let’s do something crazy and celebrate the amazing people we already are! Because life is hard enough… Why add another insecurity to the list?

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way….

If you are in need of a refresher, a feel good day, or something to incorporate into an overall wellness and positivity plan, I’m your girl!

In this blog…

I share some of my favorite New Year Self Care ideas with places all around the US and specialists who make you look & feel like a million bucks… I also share self care rituals you can follow if you prefer pampering at home. You can even shop the blog for self care essentials!

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Where to go:

At home self care:


In a study conducted by The University of Scranton, just 8% of people achieve their New Year’s goals.

Source : New York Post

[This post was originally posted February of 2021. Updated February of 2022]

Goodbye New Years Resolutions, Hello Self Care!

What if I were to tell you that not only can you thrive without the (biased) advice of bogus magazines and Instagram ads telling you what new fad diet or dangerous exercise trend you need to try… but that all you have to do to feel good about yourself this new year is to relax and indulge in some self care?

What is Self Care?

Contrary to what a lot of people think, you need self care. It’s not just an eye roll of a beauty recommendation by Instagram influencers and product review TikTokers..

Self care can mean lots of different things depending on the person. In short, it’s anything you do that helps you to take care of yourself and have a healthy relationship with yourself.

Do you have a self care regimen? Maybe you think a little relaxation and pampering has to cost you a fortune or is too time consuming.. If this sounds like you.. think again my friend!

Self care can be as simple as going to Target and buying some pretty bath bombs for a few bucks and lighting a candle, having a cup of your favorite tea, or, going out for a bikini wax or massage.

If I were a guy, self care would probably mean playing video games, hitting the batting cages, ice fishing, or paintballing.

But, since I’m a girl… (& a super girly girl at that), this blog will be a bit more about beauty, pampering, ways to unwind, and how to have an easy health regimen you can stick to.

Self care doesn’t have to consume your whole day either! What’s better than quick spurts throughout the day doing something you enjoy or… for an hour or so right after a stressful event.

Self Care Has Huge Health Benefits

Don’t feel guilty because you’re spending time by yourself, pampering yourself and indulging in some beauty maintenance.

Self care is more than just that… It’s also about feeling good too… Wellness starts from the inside, out after all.

Studies have literally shown self care regimens to improve your quality of life while reducing stress and anxiety which have been known to play a powerfully negative role in your health overtime. Um… hello! Being physically, emotionally, and mentally healthy… I don’t know about you, but I could use a little bit of that. We all could. 😉

So, if many health issues arise from stress and stress can be relieved from self care and relaxation… Then, wouldn’t you say that it’s an absolute priority? I most definitely would!

The only decision you need to make now is whether you want to go out or stay home for some self care! It’s time to treat ourselves to some good old fashioned “me time”. We deserve it! Especially after getting through last year!

Leave the ideas to me.

Where to Go for Self Care

NO, these New Year Self Care places are not sponsored. These are providers of services that I use personally and have enjoyed. I pay them.

** These are COVID times, call ahead to make sure they’re not closed. **


Full disclosure. My smile is 100% compliments of New York’s best cosmetic dentist. Dr. Layliev, who has been perfecting my smile since I came in at 15 with crooked teeth and damage done from my Sjogren’s Syndrome.

In 3 hours, he transformed my jagged smile with bonding. I’m so grateful that I found him. He’s the only cosmetic dentist I would trust with my teeth.

In good hands with Dr. Layliev
Post procedure, feeling good!

And yes, I get giddy to say that the same hands that have been in my mouth have also been in the mouths of Tom Brady, Ben Stiller, Kim Catrall, and Hugh Jackman to name a few of the celebrity clientele. You know.. just another day when one of your favorite actresses (ahem.. Mary Louise Parker) plops right down right across from you in the waiting room.  

A mold of my crooked teeth

Both him and his team are more than worth the 7 hour one way drive down for treatments. If you don’t need corrective work, a great way to enhance your smile at Dr. Layliev’s office is with teeth whitening (I’ve gotten treatments & loved it there before).

Follow him on Instagram.


Floatation Therapy

Balans Spa | Boston, MA

Floatation therapy (a.k.a. “Hydrotherapy”) is a combination of weightless feelings and sensory deprivation or, “heightened sensory” if you will. 

With my chronic illness, I often feel like I literally cannot rest my body. Between massages, chiropractor, and physical therapy, nothing seems to give. When I first tried this treatment, I was a bit skeptical and honestly afraid that I’d be trapped in this dark box and drown…lol.

Fortunately those misgivings could not be further from the truth. You are floating in heated water about 8-10 inches which is filled with salt so you literally float. They then pump in soft music and turn down the lights. It is very very relaxing.

Geeves loves the spa!


I love massages and had a membership here when I lived in Boston. Since I’m now several hours north of Boston, I no longer have a membership. But, it is still on my list of day visits for a nice massage.

For something a little different, I highly recommend the experience of Halotherapy (or Dry Salt therapy). G20 Spa’s salt cave (Boston’s only one) is perfectly lovely and is said to increase positive energy and have an effect on your mood as well as breathing benefits. Just check with your doctor first before scheduling a visit! We want you to be safe & healthy. 😉

Can’t make it out to a salt cave? Check out this Himalayan pink salt essential oil diffuser for your home.

Do you have a Chronic Illness and Want to Travel?

Don’t know about you, but I love to travel (170+ days/yr in fact). Just because you have a chronic illness, doesn’t mean you can’t do what you love!

In my blog, “Traveling with Chronic Illnesses”, I share some autoimmunity tips that have helped me with my Lupus while traveling during (and even before) COVID-19. I also give a peek inside the handy dandy sanitization kit that I bring with me on every trip!


Leyvis (Hair Stylist & Owner), Love Lites Stylist & Co. (formerly Air Heads Beauty Bar) | Miramar, FL

Like my dentist, my stylist is well worth the trip when I am in Miami and I’ve been known to plan my trips around my various beauty & wellness appointments… visit to Leyvis included. 😉

One day, after a hair stylist screwed up my hair, I came to Leyvis and she saved the day. Here’s the before & after to prove it.


Lash Lamour | Boston, MA

Located directly on Boston’s famed, Newbury Street, this is my go to place in Boston! I love the ambiance of the salon which is always welcomed with an offering of a cup of tea and a relaxing environment. When you lie down on the bed, they even give you a blanket and earplugs to really relax. Sometimes, I even fall asleep and wake up feeling so refreshed and beautiful!

Check out other Boston neighborhoods while you’re in the area and things to do here.

Lash L’amour, Boston

LashPro | Miami, FL

Their place is a little small but they do a solid job and their interior is cute.

LashPro, Miami


Kriss Cosmetics | Manchester, NH

What a hidden find in Manchester, NH, (a.k.a. a preliminary hotspot for political candidates). From the moment owner and makeup artist Kriss Blevens touched my face, I knew she had a special skill. She’s a total sweetheart and so good at what she does. Which is why she’s been tapped over the last few decades to be the makeup artist to stars and politicians, a few being Barack Obama and Bernie Sander, Hillary Clinton, and Ted Cruz.

They do really good eyelash extensions here.

MAC Cosmetics | Beverly Hills, CA

I’ll never forget my first encounter with MAC. I used to play around with my mom’s makeup… Then, when I was 13, I went in for my first makeover before my Sweet 13 birthday party. I felt so glamorous! Needless to say, I was hooked…

MAC is undoubtedly my favorite makeup brand (unsponsored). Their makeup artists do some of the best work. Not to mention, the quality of the makeup in store is phenomenal and lasts a long time. You can even trade them in for free makeup. They have such a vast selection of colors from bold and bright to shimmery and smokey. Everything you need to bring out your facial features’ best qualities.

Every now and then just to feel glam again, I’ll go in to shop or for a makeover.. So far- in NYC and Cali (LA & Beverly Hills). I like going in on my birthday. I’ll pick up my free gift and complimentary makeover which you get when you reach “Devoted” level. MAC memberships are free and have so many benefits.

Lip Filler

Dermatologist Dr. Haleh Bakshandeh | Beverly Hills, CA

Speaking of glam…. If you find yourself on the west coast and want to feel like a celebrity before walking that red carpet or just for fun, Dr. B has got you covered! Full disclaimer… she is the main reason I still fly out to California and it’s well worth it.

I love her bedside manner. She is just as sweet as she looks. My mom, sister and myself all see her for various services. I’ve seen her for everything from my Lupus hair loss and chemical peels to lip filler. And if you want to get rid of the pesky pimple that’s been bothering you before taking a stroll down Rodeo Drive, she’s the one to go to.

P.S. You never know who you’ll bump into in her office as she truly is the derm to the brightest in Hollywood… (Britney Spears openly goes to her). But you know… some people want to keep it hush hush… so don’t peel and tell. 😉

Feel like a celebrity for a day!


Dry Bar | Boston & LA

Blow outs are the bomb! Nothing feels as pampering as someone else doing the dirty work. Or, in this case… the clean work, lol.

Enjoying some champagne before blowout

But, let’s be honest. Having someone brush out and run their fingers through your hair has to be one of the best quality pleasures EVER! When I’m traveling or just want a treat for the day…Dry Bar hits the spot. I’ve frequented locations on both coast and have always had a great experience. 

I love how they serve you complimentary white wine and champagne while you wait! Not every location mind you.. (depends on state laws), but you’ll still be served coffee or tea.


Bliss Spa | Boston, MA

How to Shop the Blog

P.S. If there’s anything you see in the blog that you like, it’s shoppable! To make it easier, I’ve created shoppable Amazon lists. Just click on the “Shop Now” button to shop all products mentioned. To shop an individual item, just click on it.

At Home Self Care Ideas

Now, if you can’t get away, or better yet, just decide to do some self pampering / self care at home, I’m going to share some of my favorite wellness rituals that you can follow too!

A Few Ways to Unwind at Home

Skin Care

For some, it’s daunting… I think because they hear supermodels’ skincare regimens and think, “God, I’ll never be that beautiful”… or, “Dang! That looks like it takes only forever”… or, “Sure, let me go bankrupt first”. LOL

Skin care is not just a beauty thing. It feels so nice and refreshing! Buy a yummy body butter and rub it all over your skin. Or, put on a face clay or fizzy mask and let your skin get all tingly… Then, wash off and feel how smooth and dewy your skin looks and feels. It’s so nice! I dare you not to try it.

Looking crazy while giving myself a facial… which proves you don’t need to be a model 😉

Tea Time

When I’m having a busy day, the best way for me to have some relaxation and “me time” is through some tea time. Not necessarily the fancy tea time with h’ordeuvres and finger sandwiches.. (need a few hours & a cutesy outfit for that.. ha!) I’m talkin just a cup of tea!


Luxurious Sleep

Who’s up for a five star snooze? I know I am!

Hearing, smelling, feeling… relaxing all of these sense will make for the perfect night time ritual.

Some ways to wind down before bed

which has many beauty & health benefits. My favorite is by Slip. It’s a little bit of a splurge ($85-110 depending on size of pillowcase). But, sometimes it’s nice to treat yourself especially since you’ll use everyday, literally.

Pillowcase (by Slip)

  • Eye mask or ear plugs to drown out the light and sound.



Since I travel a LOT, my fitness routine has to travel with me. Yoga is my primary go to. I like feeling comfortable when I exercise and yoga doesn’t wear me out. It also keeps me flexible.

Shoes (Amazon) , Pants (Alo Yoga)

But, I also need to work on maintaining muscles. Because… I’m not that person you see on social media doing crazy jump squats in my tight *** yoga pants while making punching motions from a Jackie Chan movie.

No, babe.

So, in my arsenal are 3, 5, & 10 lb. dumbells, a 12 lb. weighted bar, yoga mat, yoga ball, strength/resistant bands and a set of foam blocks. All of these fit into a small carry on suitcase with room for my work out clothes, workout shoes, toiletries and other travel essentials.  

If you think this wellness regimen may work for you and want to give it a go but, don’t have anything to get started… I’ve included my favorite workout essentials below!

Shoes (Adidas) , Pants (Adidas) , Sports bra (Puma)

Workout Essentials



Work Out Clothing

Pants (Alo Yoga) , Shoes (Puma)



The new year doesn’t have to mean a “new you”. Just do what you need to do to survive and thrive. It can be as simple as finding time for a cup of tea during your busy day or any of the suggestions I’ve shared!

The most important thing is to be as healthy and as happy as YOU can be. That’s all any of us can really hope for in this crazy world we live in anyway. I’m so proud of you for following your heart and wanting to take better care of you. You go Glen Coco!!

Thank you for reading my blog! I hope you got some good self care ideas that you can utilize. Be kind to yourself my friends and don’t forget to always keep it real.

Do you have any suggestions that I should share with my readers that helps you to feel like the best version of you?

I’d love to know, please share! You can reach out to me in the comments down below or, by sending me an email.

You can also subscribe to my blog and follow me on InstagramTikTok, Twitter, and Pinterest. Thank you for your continued love and support! I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you.

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