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Looking for things to do in the Fall in New Hampshire?

Keep reading because I’ve got just the New Hampshire Fall activities for you! By the end, you’ll see what there is to love about a Fall in New Hampshire.

Unless you’ve fully explored each state in New England, it’s easy to make the assumption that they’re all the same. But, if there’s anything I’ve learned in my time living here, it’s that the different states only appear to be the same on the surface. You have to go a little bit deeper to discover what gives each state its unique character. New Hampshire is one of those states.

Having been a New Englander now for over a decade, I’ve had the incredible opportunity to explore all the different sceneries, histories, activities, and foodie finds that each state has to offer. It didn’t take me long to realize that there is something truly special about New Hampshire, especially come Fall.

[This post was originally posted August of 2020. Updated September of 2022]

“Apples? New Hampshire has them, but unsprayed, with no suspicion in stern end or blossom end of vitriol or arsenate of lead, and so not good for anything but cider…”

Robert Frost, New Hampshire

City Girl Turned Nature Girl

geeves posing over rocky terrain

I’ll admit, I wasn’t always drawn to New Hampshire. I considered myself a “city girl” long before I considered myself a “nature girl”. Since moving to New England, my appreciation has been a slow and gradual one over time.

In fact, sometimes I get so panicked like if I have my head down looking at my phone or if I’m driving, I might miss something outside. Each encounter I have with Fall in New Hampshire and New England is so special to me. I don’t want to miss any of it.

view of river and fall foliage

And now I share my favorite Fall in New Hampshire activities and adventure. I hope my stories inspire you to take a trip to New Hampshire! 😉

pinterest marketing image | fall in new hampshire

New Hampshire Fall Activities

Drum roll, please…. Fall-la-la-la-la-la-laahhhh. Fall. Let’s go, baby! 

Go Horseback Riding in the Fall in New Hampshire

geeves and sister
My sister is 8 years younger than me and she’s taller than me… You would think I was her little sister! People always think we’re friends.

Lucky 7 Stables: Londonderry, NH

5 star element

Horseback riding is one of my favorite New Hampshire fall activities. I took my sister to Lucky 7 Stables to riding in the foliage as a birthday treat. One of the traditions we have as a family is to celebrate birthdays over a period of days and involve at least one group activity. Because why celebrate just one day… right? 😉

I’m so glad we came here! We all absolutely LOVED this experience. We did a guided Western-style trail ride, rambling through the woods for 5 miles.  

riding a horse
Isn’t he just the cutest?! We made a great team.

In some places, the trail narrowed up and down gullies, which really made you stay alert and made it a thrilling experience. I kept having to tell my horse, “Boomer to keep going.” He needed encouragement sometimes. 😊

a horse
This isn’t Boomer.. just another beautiful horse! The farm looked so lovely with all the Fall foliage.
geeves in horseback riding attire holding helmet
I’ve had that riding helmet since I was 20. Still fits! I basically haven’t grown.. lol. Hey, don’t let the size fool you, a small head doesn’t mean stupid. 😉

My Favorite Riding Experience Ever

We all agreed that this may be our collective favorite horseback riding experience ever. Mainly, because our horse guide, Ernesto, made it special. After giving each of us a horse, he told us how to ride (which I already had experience in). Then, he took us through the woods which were lit up with Fall color. We went in October, my personal favorite time to ride.

As we were riding, Ernesto would start singing cowboy ballads like, “Take Me Home, Country Road”, “Rhinestone Cowboy”, and “Galveston”. Then we’d all sing along. It made the experience so authentic. Kinda felt like we were in an old Western. This cowboy was a blast from the past! 😊 It was surprising to hear how great his singing voice was. He brought thoughts of a cattle drive.

In summary, Lucky 7 Stables has very reasonable prices, the best price I found around the area. Ernesto was so great and made the tour so special. I would definitely return!

You can book your experience and get more info here. I’d definitely go back!


The alarm clock was invented in Concord, New Hampshire in 1787. 

An Adorable Fall in New Hampshire Discovery

Pickity Place: Mason, NH

4 star element

One day, as I was driving, I happened to see a small sign on the side of the road called Pickity Place. For some reason, I felt compelled to Google it. Something about the name sounded interesting. And I’ll be damned if it wasn’t the cutest little find! Literally right out of a storybook. 😉

What is Pickity Place?

A sign that reads, Grandmother's house, built in 1786, this cottage was used by Elizabith Orton Jones to illustrate her version of the book little red riding hood

In Southern New Hampshire, there lies a quaint red cottage is known as, Pickity Place, which dates back to 1786. It later became the inspiration for the illustrations in the popular children’s book, Little Red Riding Hood!

Today, it’s a darling display in the woods with a small restaurant, a garden where many things are “Pickity Picked” for the food. Also, a museum and gift shop.

Little red riding hood storybook at grandmothers house illustraion
You can even see the bad, bad wolf …

I could not pass up the opportunity to go! If only I had known about this as a kid. I would have made my parents fly me across the country from California to go… 🤩

Luckily, I’m an adult and can do whatever I want. And what did I want to do…? Be Little Red Riding hood.

geeves in red cape and garden
Over the river and through the woods to grandmother’s house, we go…

I made a reservation, put on my red cape and over the river and through the woods to Grandmother’s house I went…. Well, sort of! But, you get the idea. 😉

Upon arrival, I was living my best Little Red Riding hood life. It was adorable, but adorable does not even begin to describe it. For a moment, I pretended like it was my cabin in the woods! Even the cat was super cute. I think I interrupted its meditation.

Exploring the Grounds of Pickity Place

It’s a set seating time so we decided to arrive a bit early. We all gathered outdoors. The weather was a bit chilly but not too cold. While waiting to be sat for lunch, we took the opportunity to stroll around the grounds. They have a garden and a lovely greenhouse that you are welcomed to visit.

garden in greenhouse

Inside the greenhouse, the staff is very accommodating and happy to show you around. Including, to see some edible flowers you may be having with your lunch! It is a farm-to-table restaurant after all. 😉

What really made me feel like I was at Grandmother’s house was the very realistic setup… Grandma even had cats! One lurked about the garden as I walked. He seemed a bit cranky… Maybe he was hungry, I don’t know. lol. But I knew I definitely was…

Lunch at Pickity Place

When it was time to be sat for lunch, we were seated in an intimate dining room. It felt cozy. We were then handed menus to start off our courses. I love eating in courses! So, imagine my delight when Pickity Place served 5 of them!  

chicken over a bed or greens topped with an orange flower

The lunch menu changes every month. Their selection is curated based on what they have growing in the garden, which I think is very lovely. They also have vegetarian options.

It’s also a BYOB. If you don’t know that in advance (which, unfortunately, we didn’t), you will have some options of tasty teas, and lemonade topped with flowers from the garden.

Picture coming over for lunch at grandma’s house, it is so cute. I can’t wait to come back for a different tasty 5-course meal!

In summary, because of the unique nature of the place, I give it 4 stars. The food is definitely not the best I’ve ever had and the portions are quite small. However, you’re coming for an experience, so keep that in mind. I also found it reasonably priced.

Reservations are recommended. If you can’t get a table, stop by and check out Pickity Place

Rhode Island in the Fall

Looking for other fall activities in New England? Check out my fall discoveries in Rhode Island.

A Fall Picnic in New Hampshire

Madame Sherri Forest: West Chesterfield, NH

3 star element

geeves standing on a bridge holding picnic basket
After parking, you cross a bridge to get to the forest’s ruins…

All of my siblings are Fall babies, so we have lots of birthday celebrations in the Fall. One day for my birthday, I was surprised by a lovely birthday picnic in the forest.

We had a lovely picnic.. prosecco, delicious French-style sandwiches, mulled apple cider, and butternut squash soup in little gourds.. or are those pumpkins? Idk.. pumpkins aren’t black though.. are they?…

picnic basket and cozy boots
I have a lot of picnic baskets. This one seemed in theme with a Fall picnic in the woods! The Uggs were very cozy and matched!

Who is Madame Sherri?

Madame Sherri
Courtesy: Brattleboro Historical Society

Little did I know, that I’d be brought to the spooky and much talked about castle ruins that once housed Madame Sherri, a New York costume designer who purchased the Summer home in the 1920s to entertain friends. Her motto was “Only the best”…

That was until her money ran out after WWII and she was forced to move on from her lavish party days. Sadly, everything fell to ruins. All that’s left now is the stonework from the staircase, columns, and chimney.. everything else was vandalized and later, burnt down in 1962.

After arriving in the tight parking area, we took a walk over the bridge and followed a well-defined trail up to the ruins which, we walked past for our picnic and found a nice flat spot away from crowds. Yes, crowds. This place does get crowded. We went on a weekday late afternoon and there were a good dozen people there.

Is the Forest Really Haunted?

The forest looks particularly spooky in the Fall when the fallen leaves are scattered about the haunted ruins. It is said that Madame Sherri still haunts the forest… She’s been spotted standing atop the remains of the staircase.

geeves posing in a path with fall leaves at her feet

Maybe that explains why people try to climb it (I would not recommend it). People have even said they can hear the faint sounds of the music and laughter from when the chateau had seen better days… Who really knows… But it’s still fun to imagine, especially if you’re into that ghostly sort of thing.

In Madame Sherri’s honor, the forest is still named after her and preserved as part of a historical effort.

If you’re not into the haunted scene, you could totally come just to enjoy a picnic as I did. This forest is also great for hiking.

In summary, if you were going just for a hike or picnic, that’d be one thing but we came for the Madame Sherri experience. I was really underwhelmed by the ruins. Not to mention, parking was tight and the area was very crowded.

Fall Foliage in New Hampshire

White Mountains in New Hampshire

Aaahh.. the White Mountains. You may have read about them in one of the many poems Robert Frost wrote. He was smitten with the beauty of New Hampshire’s landscape and who could blame him… it’s refreshing. Fall has always been my favorite time of year to explore.

Now is the perfect time to start venturing out and making nature a part of vacation again. The foliage in New Hampshire is not to be missed. The White Mountains’ “peak” colors in the Fall are late September to early October. Of course, that depends on what you consider to be the height of Fall’s beauty.

My Favorite Fall Adventures in the White Mountains

In the last few years, I’ve traveled 150+ days/yr. It became very exciting when I would hop from one completely different destination to the next… I’d go from Hawaii to London to New England and get this fierce craving for nature all of a sudden. 

New Hampshire is one of the states where I fully transform into Geeves, the “nature girl”. 😉 Different atmospheres bring out different things in you…

Hiking in White Mountains

You can do some amazing hiking in the White Mountains. It is the most rugged mountain of New England and also part of the Northern Appalachian Trail. 

  • Get your free White Mountains planning kit here.
  • Group itineraries here

Do you have a Chronic Illness and Want to Travel?

Just because you have a chronic illness, doesn’t mean you can’t travel!
In my blog, “Traveling with Chronic Illnesses”, I share some tips that have helped me with my Lupus while traveling. I also give a peek inside the handy dandy sanitization kit that I bring with me on every trip for those with autoimmune conditions!

Ziplining in the Fall in New Hampshire

Alpine Adventures, Lincoln NH

5 star element

What do you know… More freaking birthdays! Thanks, mom and dad. 😊 Now for my brother’s Fall birthday celebration… A large group of us went ziplining. I’m a bit of an adrenaline junkie and what’s more adrenaline-pumping than jumping off a tree at over 200’ in the air! I

I love to zipline, like, love it

Now ziplining in the Fall took it to a whole new level I wasn’t expecting. The beautiful fall foliage of New Hampshire all around you are truly something else!

An Adventure Before the Big Adventure

To kick off our big adventure, we hopped in a Pinzgauer for a wild ride. In case you’re not familiar.. they’re Swiss Army transport vehicles. This is how you’re gonna start off your zipline tour. It’s super bumpy, so buckle up! 😉

Ziplining, The Big Adventure

The ziplining itself was a nice layout. You have options for all skill levels. Since everyone in our group had some experience, we picked the advanced Skyrider tour which took us to the highest peak of 200’ above the canopy floor reaching speeds of 75 mph.

The guides were fantastic…but you have to listen…of course at one point when the guide said “Get set” I took it as “OK go!.. lol.

Fortunately, I was locked in and safe as I screamed my way down the zipline. Made for a funny video anyway. 😉

Scared of heights? That’s alright. They also have a ziplining course for beginners which is not as high up.


New Hampshire’s state motto is “Live Free or Die”.

Still scared? Don’t sweat it! You can still have an adventure and enjoy Fall foliage from atop Barron Mountain! Book an on an “Off-Road” tour riding around in a Pinzgauer. More info here

In summary, this was a great adventure! Alpine Adventures offered so many different activities which were great. We had adventures even after the initial adventure we came for ziplining. Will definitely come back!

Book your adventure here.

You can also try a ziplining tour company that’s closer to Boston and New York. Learn more.

Other Alpine Adventures

If you’re looking for an even more fun day, Alpine Adventures offers more activities either before or after your zipline adventures. At their base camp, they have an incredible rope course that is surprisingly challenging.

Looks can be deceiving! I was a little shaky after ziplining so, I sat that one out. But those in the group that did it had a blast. What I did do…is climb my butt up for the giant ramp in their EXTREME Stunt Zone.

It was so GREAT… you hike up a hill carrying a giant inner tube and then you fly down…like literally get airborne landing on a giant airbag. I ended up hurting my butt like crazy on the landing.. lol. It was scary and fun!

If you’re staying in the area, stop by Flume Gorge for another day of fun!

Visit a Poet’s Farm in the Fall in New Hampshire

What’s Fall without poetry and apples…

Robert Frost Farm & Museum: Derry, NH 

3 star element

Waxing Poetic…

I’m a huge fan of Robert Frost… He’s incredible at describing the subtleties of nature. I’ve always been impressed with the way he captures the beauty of New Hampshire. So naturally, I had to stop by his farm.

Located in Southern New Hampshire, the Robert Frost Farm & Museum is a nice day trip if you’re in the area. The museum is open May – October and has trails you can walk that lead into the wells.

There are also tables to sit and enjoy a picnic. There are apple trees and such on the property. Wear flat shoes. I of course did not, opting for boots with heels instead. The apples conveniently got stuck in my heel… lol.

What did I really think of Robert Farm and Museum? It’s out of the way, the hours aren’t convenient and it’s seasonal. Go only if you’re a real die-hard Robert Frost fan.


Robert Frost wrote a poem called “After Apple Picking”. He’s been known for his poems about nature, particularly New Hampshire, and lived there for many years.

Apple Picking in the Fall in New Hampshire

Mack’s Apples: Londonderry, NH 

Speaking of apples… what is more Fall than apple picking?!

I am such a theme freak…and to me, Fall screams apple picking! Literally everything about it from finding the perfect apple-worthy outfit… to getting to the farm and enjoying apple cider… to picking all the different varietals they offer… Just everything, it’s like being a kid in a candy store.

New Hampshire has some great farms to get fresh, in-season fruit. Below are two of my favorite orchards to go apple picking.

geeves apple picking

I love the history behind Mack’s Apples. Continuously farmed since 1732, Moose Hill Orchards, (home of Mack’s Apples) is the oldest single-family-run farm in New Hampshire!

When I went, you could sample juices from different apples before you start picking your own apples! If there are specific apples you are in the mood for, make sure you check and see in advance what is being harvested during your visit.

macks apple orchard

To get into the theme for this apple picking visit, I put on my straw hat and overalls. I was too legit to quit! There were a lot of dead apples scattered all over the fields that of course, I stepped in. Good thing I wore my boots! I learned after my Robert Frost Farm visit, apples & shoes are not a good combo… lol.

What did I like? I really liked that they gave you cider from different apples before you pick apples. I would come back again. The orchards had plenty of apples.

geeves and apple ochard

Currier Orchards: Merrimack, NH

This orchard was adorable and right up my alley! Not only was the experience themed (and you know how much I love my themes), it was old-fashioned.

geeves apple picking at an orchard

I was excited because the history of the Currier’s farm was so apparent in its tractors and farmhouses from back in the day. I felt like a total farm girl! This was a big win for me! 😉

honeycrisp sign

We picked Honeycrisp. I love that they give you woven baskets to put your apples in. You can even pull the baskets around in classic Radio Flyer red wagons as you pick apples… it made the experience so more fun. If you know me, you know how much I love dressing in a theme. You better believe I wore my apple sweater! 

geeves apple picking

I was pleasantly surprised when coming to this orchard. They gave you baskets and radio flyer wagons which made the experience so authentic for me. The farm had an old-fashioned feel to it. Will definitely come back! 

My sister and I like to bake with fresh ingredients whenever we can, fruit especially. When we got home, she and I made pies with the apples we picked.

homemade apple pie

Another one of my favorite Fall in New Hampshire activities.

Pumpkin Picking in the Fall in New Hampshire

McQuesten Farm: Litchfield, NH

One morning, my friend John and I ran to the pet store for his dog. As we were checking out, a very friendly cashier overheard us talking about finding a place to go pumpkin picking and recommended McQuesten Farm, owned by someone she went to High School with.

friends sitting in the back of tractor
Meet John
geeves holding a small pumpkin with a wagon full of pumpkins behind her.

I’m so glad she overheard us! In all my years living in New England, I can honestly say that this was my favorite place to pick pumpkins.

Not just for the pumpkins themselves, but for the overall atmosphere. It’s a great experience. It made me feel like a kid again! It was the perfect break from adulting…

geeves holding pumpkin over head
girl on the ground with pumpkin
She was dying laughing.. the dork.

We had a competition to see who had the bigger pumpkin. My sister clearly did as when she put it over her head, she fell.

So, you got… the Bouncy House… Farm animals you can feed, I mean who doesn’t want to feed a YAK!..


Carnival food like fresh-popped popcorn and cotton candy!

geeves eating fresh popcorn
I think I was sold on the farm for the popcorn alone… Anyone who knows me knows to get me fresh-popped popcorn if they see it… I loooove it.

Free hayride that takes you to the field where you pick your own pumpkins on this farm from 1744. Need I say more?!

In summary, I really felt they went out of their way to give you the whole experience. It made me feel like a kid again! Petting zoo, free hayride to pick pumpkins, carnival snacks, bouncy house. Overall, a fantastic time. Will definitely return.

Travel Resources

After traveling the last 170+ days/ yr. the last several years, I can honestly tell you, there’s nothing like traveling prepared, even with a chronic illness.

How to Travel with a Chronic Illness

Standard Packing List for Every Traveler

Travel Insurance

Car Rentals

Affordable Personal Driver & Airport Transfers

That’s a Wrap!

You don’t want to miss Fall in New Hampshire. It’s such an incredible experience. I hope my adventures give you some ideas for a nice trip of your own this Fall! Thank you for reading. 😊

Do you like to stay indoors to enjoy Fall or go out and have an adventure? Or both?!  I love hearing from my readers! Comment below. 

geeves fall illustration

For the latest updates and to join in on Geeves’ adventures, follow her on Instagram, TikTok and Twitter!

Thank you so much for your continued love and support! I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you.

Until next time… keep it real.

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  4. I absolutely loved your article about fall in NH. You were spoton about everything! I live in Pelham and everywhere you went my husband and I took our 4 kids to and now our grandchildren. I can’t believe I saw this as my sister in So. Carolina had just called and telling me about how much she is missing NH at this time of the year. I forwarded this link to her and it made her day.. ps I 📖 a party of 5 for 4pm 9/16 but did it on the phone. If you call them you should be able to get your commission.

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