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If you love luxurious spas, indulgent afternoon tea, and pampering yourself, then I have just the place for you! The spa I’m about to share is London’s biggest luxury spa, and prides itself on being, “the next generation of spa”. They even offer an incredible afternoon tea experience.

Whether you’re planning some relaxation time for yourself, a fun spa day with the girls, or a romantic date with your special someone, get ready to sit back, relax, and sip! Pinky out of course. 😉 

Here, I share my experience at ESPA Life, a Corinthia London spa, with helpful tips to make the most of your spa day!

This blog is NOT sponsored. Damn right, everything was paid for out of my own pocket. 

In this blog, I share…

  • What to Expect: My First Impressions of ESPA
  • The Atmosphere
  • Treatments and Services
  • Which Treatment is For You?
  • The Spa Facilities & Amenities 
  • Who Can Use the Spa Facilities?
  • My Massage and Afternoon Tea Experience
  • Other Food and Drink Options
  • Staff & Service
  • My Final Review of ESPA Life
  • Average Cost of Spa Treatments at ESPA Life
  • Is the Price of the “Tea at ESPA Life” Package Worth it? 
  • Cheaper Alternatives
  • How to Book Your Spa Appointment
  • Tips and Tricks for a Perfect Spa Day at ESPA
Geeves and friend at Corinthia London

The Ultimate Girls Spa Day at ESPA Life!

I always look forward to my spa time. There’s nothing I love more than feeling pampered from the inside, out with delicious food, soothing spa treatments and heavenly amenities. 

Not all spa experiences are created equal though and that’s why ESPA Life stands out from all the others I’ve been to. 

This is London’s largest urban spa and it’s luxury at it’s finest. It’s for anyone looking for a unique spa experience, and I don’t  use “unique” lightly.

ESPA Life coridor

What to Expect: My First Impressions of ESPA Life

Smack in the middle of Trafalgar Square and River Thames’ London Eye sits Corinthia Hotel, one of London’s most fabulous hotels. 

You know you’re in for a treat when a handsome man in a uniform and top hat opens the door for you.

Doorman at Corinthia Hotel in London
I couldn’t resist snapping a selfie

Arriving at ESPA

The hotel’s surroundings are nothing short of lavish, with beautiful flowers in tall vases and chandeliers sparkling from a distance. 

Then, you step into the spa, which is a totally different experience entirely, (in a good way). The first thing that impressed me was the sleek and sophisticated atmosphere. 

After checking in, one of the spa attendants gave me a quick guided tour of the facilities and showed me to my locker, which had a plush towel, robes, and slippers waiting for me.

There are also private rooms within the ladies changing room where you can get ready. It felt very private despite being in a public locker room, which was nice. In each room, you can also find things like a toothbrush, vanity kit, and comb at each dressing table.

The Atmosphere

A lot of spas embrace a design that expresses the transcendental nature of massage therapy, which often has minimalistic design and soft earth tones. Not ESPA Life. 

gift shop at spa

This spa is proud to show off their “next generation” outlook, which features a more modern, upscale environment with edgy, yet elegant details throughout their spa. My first thought was, “The Matrix”. It felt like I was walking into a different dimension at times with the reflective surfaces and narrow hallways, I loved it.

Despite harnessing a rebellious, modern edge, the design somehow manages to bring out a relaxed and calming aesthetic. I can only describe the effect as a cross between feeling like you’re standing naked in the middle of a field of flowers and motorcycle jacket and smudged kohl eyeliner to your cousin’s wedding. 

It only made the spiritual and holistic spa treatments all the more interesting.

Corridor at ESPA Life

Treatments and Services

I was really surprised by the spa’s wide array of treatments, rituals and therapies, which you can only find at ESPA Life. Their restorative wellness program is like no other.

One thing I really loved is that they treat every guest as an individual, catering to many different personalities and preferences. Whatever you’re looking for, they seemed to have an experience for it. 

While every treatment offers a unique experience, one thing that all have in common is that they focus on healing your body, mind and/or spirit, whatever you wish to focus on. 

Each treatments is grouped by the experience it offers. You can choose from “Nurture”, “Resilience”, “Reflection”, “Purify”, “Vitality”, and “Modern Alchemy”.

Which Treatment is For You?

For those seeking more self-awareness and clarity, ESPA Life’s “Reflection” treatments allow you to see yourself and everything around you in a better light, while helping you work toward being more present. 

Maybe you want a treatment that helps strengthen your body? Try a “Resilience” treatment, which works through your skin, muscles and mind toward a better sense of wellbeing by incorporating breathwork and visualization techniques. 

You can even experience traditional Chinese medicine with an acupuncture or Gong Bath treatment. 

Geeves and her friend at the spa
Girl’s Spa Day!

Mind, Body and Spiritual Treatments 

Maybe you’re like me and want a little bit of everything? 😉 

“Modern Alchemy” fuses sacred rituals and special ingredients using harmonizing therapies to realign the delicate balance between skin, body and mind.

Don’t worry if you’re not into spirituality, health, or fitness and just want a relaxing pampering session. Hey, you’re completely entitled to a spa day for no other reason than relaxation! To create a personalized massage, just tell your massage therapist the type of service you want.

If you’re coming with your other half and want a more relaxing experience, the spa offers couples massages in suites, which I talk about more later.

Care and Concern for Cancer Guests

In addition to massage therapists, the spa has a team of experts on staff such as a team of acupuncturists, physiotherapists and craniosacral therapists, all of who’ve been trained by an organization called, Amethyst Trust, to meet the needs of guests who have experienced cancer and are seeking massage, relaxation and pampering therapies.  

Spa Facilities & Amenities

The spa is huge! It’s spread out over four floors and features a gym, 17 treatment rooms, a private spa suite and a Thermal Floor with an indoor swimming pool, vitality pool, amphitheatre sauna, ice fountain, marble heated loungers and private sleep pods. 

For those getting a massage, I recommend taking the time to experience everything the spa has to offer. Even if you want to skip the massage and just use the facilities, the spa offers a day spa pass. 

After changing into our robe and slippers we began exploring the spa, starting with the gym. It was nice to get in a quick workout first.

Geeves at the gym
Geeves at the gym (say that 5x fast!)


ESPA Life has a state-of-the-art fitness facility where you’ll find a range of high-end equipment, including cardiovascular machines and resistance training equipment (brands like Peloton, Technogym, BLK BOX, and Theragun). You’ll also find free weights, weight benches, racks, rigs, pull-up bars, and high-performance turf to make the most of your workout. 

The gym also has a team of highly experienced trainers that help you develop a personalized fitness or nutrition program. You can work with a personal trainer or join a small group for training sessions. 

I liked how spacious the surroundings were!  I even used some machines that I’d never seen in any other gym before. If I lived in London, I would definitely be going all the time. The good news is that if you do live in London, they offer gym memberships. 

The Thermal Floor

After the gym, we headed downstairs to explore the Thermal Floor, where you’ll find all of the spa’s other facilities. It was like a maze! Everything looked amazing, we didn’t know where to start first!


There are two different pools. Of course, we had to try both of them! 

The first pool is truly a sight to behold, set in a marble-clad atrium. My favorite thing was that the water had a shimmer effect, reflecting off the pool’s metal floor. The vibe was very cool. You could easily swim some laps as the pool was quite lengthy. 

pool at ESPA Life
Main Pool (photo credit: ESPA Life)

The second pool is a “vitality pool”, with various water massage and air jets, which felt so soothing against my skin. My body practically melted into the loungers. Nothing could have ruined that moment, we felt so relaxed.

After a good soak, we made our way to the sauna.

Sauna at Corinthia London
photo credit: ESPA Life

Amphitheatre Sauna 

I loved the sauna, which was shaped like a square with glass windows which gave a nice view of the rest of the spa. As you sit in the warm, dry heat of the sauna, the gentle light filtering in through the windows creates a peaceful atmosphere.

Ice Fountain 

Ah, the ice fountain… This was one of my favorite things! It’s essentially a big bowl of finely crushed ice coming from the other side of the wall. The ice looked cool sliding down into a graceful little pile. You can put it on the sauna grill to make the room more steamy. I also put the ice against my face and body, which was so refreshing after getting hot and steamy.

photo credit: ESPA Life
Steam Room (photo credit: ESPA Life)

Steam Room

After the sauna, it was time for the steam room, where the heat worked its magic on my skin. It had a nice design with glimmering black mosaic tiles. 

Experience Showers 

There are different showers for the female and male spa changing areas. The ladies get “Lifestyle Showers”, while the males get “Tepidarium and Power Showers”. I was curious to sneak over and see what it was all about, but I was afraid of the guys thinking I wanted to see them naked! 😂

heated loungers
photo credit: ESPA Life

Marble Heated Loungers

These luxurious loungers are made from smooth, polished marble and are heated to a perfect temperature to soothe your muscles. I also felt so warm and cozy with the fireplace. With a million twinkly lights all around the lounge room, the whole experience made me feel like I was in heaven. 

spa lounge with twinkly lights, Corinthia Hotel London Spa

Curtain Covered Beds 

The spa is brilliantly designed to give privacy to guests. The lounge beds are tucked away in a quiet corner of the spa, making them the perfect spot for curling up with a good book, taking a nap, or just escaping from the world for a little while.  Each of them had a curtain which was nice for privacy.

Vitality Pool at Espa Life
Vitality Pool (photo credit: ESPA Life)

Private Relaxation Pods 

After getting our incredible massages, my friend and I made our way to the pods or “cocoons”, as I like to call them. Of course, I couldn’t sleep. I was too excited by all of the different amenities I still wanted to try.

Each pod had a cozy blanket. There was also water and fruit. The room is lit by a small wood burning fire.

We were in absolute heaven using every inch of the facilities, which took us hours. We liked that we could take our time and didn’t feel rushed.

Like it? Save for Later

Who Can Use the Spa Facilities?

Guests have access if they have a treatment that is 90-minutes or longer. Guests with shorter spa treatments and hair appointments will be charged an additional fee of £75 per person if they want to use all the facilities.

If you want access to the thermal floor and gym but don’t have a service scheduled, you can get a “Spa Experience Pass” for £175.  

afternoon tea sweets

My Afternoon Tea & Massage Package at ESPA

My afternoon tea package was pure bliss, starting with a 90-minute massage treatment that I had, quite literally, never experienced before followed by a lovely afternoon tea service. Let’s start with the massage experience then I’ll dive into the afternoon tea.

The package comes with:

  • ESPA Resilience Massage (with or without hot stones) – 1 hour 30 minutes  
  • Sea salt and oil body scrub – 30 minutes  
  • Indulgent afternoon tea with a glass of Laurent Perrier Champagne (served in the Spa Lounge from 15:00 onwards)  
  • Relaxation in the thermal spa facilities featuring indoor swimming pool, vitality pool, amphitheatre sauna, ice fountain, heated marble loungers and sleep pods 

Add a red-carpet blow dry for £80 (regular price £90) | Tuesday – Saturday only 

Total: £ 450/pp (Monday to Friday), 550/pp (Saturday to Sunday)

My Massage

Although my package came with a “Resilience” massage treatment, the experience I ended up having felt like a mix of a “Reflection” and “Resilience” treatment.

My ideal massage incorporates slow movements, soft music, and the smell of lavender, which always lulls me to sleep like a baby the moment I get back to my hotel room. 

My massage therapist, Cynthia, did even better than that! 

Without even telling her my qualms in life, she spoke to me as if we had met before, encouraging me to leave all my thoughts, fears and worries at the door. She then signaled me to take a seat beside what seemed like an altar with candles and incense. 

From there, she let me choose from a range of different incense, which had blends of herbs like lavender and eucalyptus, creating a unique scent. Each scent had a different effect on me. 

After choosing my aromatherapy, we slowly, unexpectedly started into the session, where she offered insight into my life. She was a good listener and had a gift for sensing the literal and metaphorical weight resting on my shoulders.

Then, she went into a nice massage, working out the tension from my body. 

Throughout, she had a very warm, comforting tone. She encouraged me toward freeing thoughts and feelings that no longer served me. Next, we focused on controlled breathing exercises. 

The end result was amazing and left me feeling cleansed. I would have just been satisfied with a relaxing massage, but she somehow managed to make it an enlightening experience for me. I had so many revelations that I wasn’t expecting, it was like therapy.

I’m not even sure if this experience is offered to everyone or if my massage therapist read my mind and knew what I needed, but I was very thankful for the outcome. 

The spa lounge
Spa Lounge

My Afternoon Tea Experience

After getting our relaxing massage and using all the amenities, my friend and I were so hungry. Swiftly making our way to the Spa Lounge, we were instantly transported to heaven.

Geeves with champagne by a fire

Usually, you’re used to getting dolled up for afternoon tea. At ESPA Life, you’re just wearing your spa robe, a cozy pair of slippers and a dewy complexion, which I have to say, I really enjoyed. It felt very freeing and helps you to relax better.

The first thing we noticed about the lounge was how gorgeous it was. There is a feeling of opulence, luxury, and grandeur despite the room being quite minimalistic and completely solid white, except for a sleek black marble fireplace and glass ceiling, which both added to the tranquil and serene atmosphere.

Afternoon tea in front of a fireplace at Corinthia London spa

For anyone who wants a special experience, ESPA Life’s afternoon tea package is absolutely divine!

After being seated, we were given a menu of teas to choose from. While waiting for our tea, we were each handed a glass of champagne.

As we relaxed in our tufted white chairs with the fireplace keeping us cozy, we cheersed to an amazing girls spa day. Then, we were served our tea sandwiches, which were so cute and colorful.

Then, it was time for our lovely tri-tiered platter of dainty and delicious treats. The first and second tier had pretty petit fours and other treats. The third tier had scones with clotted cream.

Everything was delicious. Afternoon tea was the perfect conclusion to an amazing spa day. 

Love Afternoon Tea

There are so many amazing places to try all over the world. Read my blog for my favorite afternoon tea spots.

Other Food and Drink Options

If afternoon tea is not your thing or you want to walk away feeling lighter, try the spa’s 3 course menu, which offers a selection of health inspired dishes such as bone broth, tuna poke and cured salmon. You can also choose from their fresh juices. 

The Staff and Service

The spa was immaculate. Every surface was spotless and shining. 5 stars for cleanliness. They also have an amazing staff who I found to be attentive and friendly. Everyone I encountered seemed to make sure that I had everything I needed and was enjoying myself. I’ll never forget Cynthia, who gave me one of the most memorable experiences I’ve ever had at the spa.. I think the most memorable.

My Final Review of ESPA Life

Geeves 5 Star Rating icon

Honestly, I couldn’t have asked for a better spa experience. This is in my top 3 favorite spa experiences of all time for the simple fact that it combined two of a girl’s things- afternoon tea and spa time.

I felt fresh and fabulous walking out on London’s streets like a new woman! It’s a very fulfilling experience. Hours of services and relaxation went into soothing my mind, body and soul.

I give ESPA Life 5 stars!

While the price point may be high, the quality of the experience justifies the cost. The skilled therapists use amazing products and techniques to ensure that you’re feeling completely relaxed and rejuvenated. 

Just when I thought the experience couldn’t get any better, my friend and I were each given a complimentary bottle of beauty product from the spa shop. I was left with a great overall impression.

The Cost of Spa Treatments

ESPA Life’s cheapest spa offering is £175, which gives you a Spa Day Pass, no treatment.

The spa’s highest priced offering is their “Spa Suite for Two” 3.5 hour experience which, at £1,350 gets you “ESPA LifeTime” experience (rasul healing mud ritual) from the privacy of your private suite, 1 course lunch or afternoon tea with a glass of Champagne, and body & bath oil collection for home care.

However, the average spa treatments typically range between £235 for a 1 hour treatment, £285 for 1.5 hours and £385 for 2 hours.

Is the Price of the “Tea at ESPA Life” Package Worth it? 

Personally, I think the price is definitely worth what you experience. However, in full disclosure, when I went, the price was much less (£225) but didn’t include the 30 min. body scrub. Regardless, I guess it depends on what an experience like this is worth to you. 

Would I do it again for the increased price? In a heartbeat. In fact, next time I’m in London, I’m booking an afternoon tea spa day again.  

Cheaper Alternatives

If the afternoon tea spa package is not in your budget, the spa offers treatments for as low as £235 for a 1 hour treatment. However, that doesn’t give you access to all of the facilities. So, I recommend spending just £50 more (£285) for a 1.5 hour treatment which gives you access to everything.

For £275 per person, you could also do the “Spa After Work” package which gets you a 1 hour massage or facial in addition to access to all of the spa’s facilities and amenities from Monday – Thursday starting at 3 PM.

If you’d rather skip the treatments altogether and just have access to the facilities, it’s £175 for a spa day pass.

Book Your Appointment

Book your appointment by calling (+44 (0) 20 7321 3050) or emailing ( spa directly. They’ll be able to guide you through their spa menu, answer your questions and tell you more about the spa.

Tips and Tricks for a Perfect Spa Day at ESPA

  • Arrive early: Give yourself plenty of time to get changed and familiarize yourself with the spa facilities. This will help you relax and get into the right frame of mind.
  • Switch off your phone: Turn off your phone and avoid checking emails or social media. This is your time to unwind and disconnect from the outside world.
  • Stay hydrated: Drink plenty of water before, during, and after your treatments. This will help flush out toxins from your body and keep you feeling refreshed.
  • Communicate with your therapist: Let your therapist know if the pressure is too light or too firm during your massage or if you have any specific areas of concern that you’d like them to focus on.
  • Try something new: If you’re feeling adventurous, try a treatment you haven’t experienced before, like a body wrap or a hot stone massage.
  • Take advantage of the facilities: Make use of the sauna, steam room, Jacuzzi, or pool. These amenities can help enhance the benefits of your treatments and provide additional relaxation.
  • Stay relaxed after your treatment: After your treatment, take your time to enjoy the relaxation area and reflect on your experience. Avoid rushing back to your daily routine right away.
  • Don’t forget to tip: If you received excellent service from your therapist or other spa staff, it’s customary to leave a gratuity.

That’s a Wrap! 

Whether you’re a local or visiting London, I highly recommend paampering yourself at ESPA Life. You’ll leave feeling pampered, rejuvenated, and refreshed.

I hope you enjoyed this spa review of ESPA Life at the Corinthia Hotel in London as much as I enjoyed sharing it with you! 

Geeves with Icecream illustration

Thank you so much for being apart of this journey with me! I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you.

To join in on the fun and get helpful travel tips and guides, subscribe to the blog. You can also follow Geeves on Instagram, TikTok and Twitter for travel inspiration, funny stories and well, life!

Until next time… keep it real.


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  1. Wow, your experience at ESPA Life sounds absolutely divine! I can practically feel the relaxation and luxury oozing through your words. London’s largest urban spa? Now that’s intriguing! The idea of combining spa indulgence with an incredible afternoon tea experience is simply genius. Your mention of it being “the next generation of spa” has piqued my curiosity—I’m all for innovative and unique spa experiences. The attention to detail in your blog post, from the soothing treatments to the heavenly amenities, makes ESPA Life a must-visit on my list. Thanks for sharing this gem of a recommendation! Pinky out for sure! 😉✨

  2. Wow, what an incredibly detailed and vivid description of your experience at the ESPA Life Corinthia London Spa! Reading through your journey, I felt like I was right there with you, basking in the opulence and relaxation that this spa offers.

    Your descriptions of the spa’s atmosphere and design, from the lavish surroundings at the Corinthia Hotel to the sleek, modern, yet calming environment of the spa itself, painted such a vivid picture. It’s impressive how ESPA Life manages to combine an edgy, contemporary vibe with a serene and relaxing ambiance.

    The range of treatments and therapies available is truly remarkable, catering to every individual’s preferences and needs. The way you’ve categorized the experiences based on “Nurture,” “Resilience,” “Reflection,” “Purify,” “Vitality,” and “Modern Alchemy” is incredibly helpful for someone trying to choose the perfect treatment.

    The spa’s extensive facilities, from the gym with its state-of-the-art equipment to the Thermal Floor featuring pools, sauna, ice fountain, and steam room, sound absolutely luxurious. Your detailed description of each amenity, from the shimmering pools to the ice fountain, made me feel as though I was experiencing them myself.

    Thank you for sharing your honest and comprehensive review. Your firsthand account and detailed insights will undoubtedly assist anyone planning a visit to ESPA Life in making the most of their spa day. After reading your review, I’m tempted to book a visit myself!

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