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Less than an hour and a half from New York’s state capital, there’s an adorable, picturesque town called Cooperstown. Surrounded by lush green landscapes, waterfront cottages and boats, it’s often referred to as “America’s Most Perfect Village” which is not surprising. But, it’s not just known for its looks.

Cooperstown is such an unassuming hidden gem that you’d never expect it to be the home of The National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum, the holy grail for baseball fans, drawing visitors from all over, 362 days a year.

Standing in front of Schneider's Bakery in Cooperstown, NY

Whether you’re a baseball fan or not, there is something for everyone to enjoy in Cooperstown from boutique shops and restaurants to fun activities and relaxation.

Read on as I share my experience at Cooperstown Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum, local treasures in the area, as well as where to eat and where to stay in the area.

In this blog, I share…

  • Cooperstown Baseball Hall of Fame
  • Things to do in Cooperstown besides baseball
  • Where to eat in Cooperstown
  • Where to stay in Cooperstown & surrounding area (i.e. Sharon Springs)
  • Other things to do in upstate New York
  • Cooperstown fashion
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Baseball quote

Your Guide to Cooperstown, New York

Last Summer, completely by chance, I discovered this adorable town. I was immediately drawn to the idyllic atmosphere while my dad, being the baseball fan that he is, was drawn to the Hall of Fame which I decided to take him to as it just so happened to be Father’s Day.

While I’m not certain if Tom Hanks’ quote from “A League of their Own” is true, I can definitively say that there should be no crying in Cooperstown. This iconic town located in upstate New York is a throwback in time that you’d appreciate whether you are a baseball fan or not. 

Cooperstown for Father's Day
My sis & I with our dad on Father’s Day in Cooperstown

Cooperstown takes you to an era where you can catch a game, sing out a chorus of “Take me out to the ballgame” and indulge in the Americana Nostalgia of days gone by.

I’m not your traditional baseball fan, but in full disclosure, I was brought up by a diehard METS fan and have been indoctrinated into the sport enough that I can follow a game, get thoroughly frustrated when my team is losing, scream like I’m walking away with a big paycheck when they win and most importantly, have never met a stadium hot dog that I did not chomp down with gusto.

So, taking my Dad on a Fathers Day trip to the National Baseball Hall of Fame was a fun experience all around.

Cooperstown baseball hall of fame for Father's Day
Geeves standing next to the Mets baseball team memorabilia
Cooperstown baseball hall of fame

National Baseball Hall of Fame | Cooperstown, NY

From the moment you walk in, you can feel the nostalgic energy in this place. Here, you’ll find history of the game, memorabilia from all the MLB teams on display along with some incredible collections from Cy Young Award winners. You’ll also discover moving stories and pieces from #42, the incomparable Jackie Robinson. 

Although the actual “birthplace” of American Baseball has never officially been determined, (some argue that it started in Hoboken, NJ), the fact that Cooperstown is now the official home of American Baseball is not in dispute.

My sis and I sitting on baseball stadium chairs
Sitting in old stadium seats
Yankees Championship trophy

When you are visiting the Hall of Fame and are a true baseball fan, a multiday trip is not entirely unheard of as there is so much to see. While you can certainly do it in an afternoon, for folks like my Dad who can’t get enough of each team and player’s baseball stories, you could definitely do a repeat visit and still have things to learn and view. 


Did you know that #42 is the only number that is retired in baseball? April 15th is the official Jackie Robinson Day. All players throughout the league show their respect by wearing his number.

Plan your visit to Cooperstown National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum here.

Geeves with Homer Simpson at the National Baseball Hall of Fame
For you Simpsons fans out there….

Things to Do in Cooperstown Besides Baseball

While the theme of the village is all things baseball, it’s a charming historic area with beautiful architecture and a welcoming vibe. From dining, shopping and exploring, there’s something for everyone to do in Cooperstown.

Geeves at the batting cages in Cooperstown, NY

What to Do in Cooperstown

  • Take a Trolly

There’s a town trolley system that runs through Main Street that’s a fun way to get around. 

  • Batting Cages, Doubleday Field

Work on your homerun swing at the batting cages at Doubleday Field or catch a game. During Hall of Fame weekend, the induction ceremonies take place here. A really cool thing is that it’s open to the public and FREE to attend the induction ceremony. You can also get tickets to the game which are fairly inexpensive. Definitely a bucket list thing for the Baseball fan.

  • Enjoy the beautiful surroundings

You can take a walk or just drive around and stop by a lake.

Cooperstown views of the water

Pedal to the metal… literally! These pedal powered rail vehicles are so much fun! You can ride the railroad tracks with your partner, family &/or friends together! Choose a tandem (2 person), Quad (4 person) or both for a group of 6. You can also choose 2 Quads for a group of 8.

Rail X offers different themed experiences like a breakfast tour or fireside tour.

My Rail X Adventure in Rhode Island

Rail has tours throughout the country. I did the sunset brunch rail ride in Rhode Island.

Foodie Town in Cooperstown

From grabbing a beer and a hot dog at one of the town’s many casual spots to fine dining, Cooperstown has a great selection of restaurants fit for foodies. Check out these restaurant options.

My sis and I sitting on baseball stadium chairs

Where to Stay in Cooperstown

While I stayed outside of Cooperstown, there are plenty of lodging options for you in the village itself. 

Where I Stayed in Sharon Springs, NY

The Nash

As seen in Travel and Leisure magazine, The Nash is a sleek, modern and trendy boutique hotel with unique art pieces. From the beds and bathrooms to the check in experience and cleanliness, I had a very comfortable stay. I especially enjoyed the yummy dishes at the farm to table restaurant downstairs, 204 Main Bistro.

Located about a half hour from Cooperstown Baseball Hall of Fame is another small town called Sharon Springs, which has been called, “a real life Schitt’s Creek in upstate New York”. However, I found it far more appealing than that… So, ignore everything else you come across.

Book your stay

Unfortunately, I was unable to find them on any hotel discount booking sites. The only way to book with them is by calling them at 518.284.2540 or via email

If you want to be more centrally located to the Hall of Fame, there are also many other lodging options in the Cooperstown area.

The remainder of your New York trip

Looking for other things to do during your visit to New York? Check out

If going on an underground boat tour is your idea of a good time, then Howe Caverns is the adventure for you. I had such a blast looking at the stalactites and stalagmites. It is a bit chilly and moist in the cavern so, bring a waterproof jacket! They also sell them at the gift shop if you forget to bring one.

Other adventures nearby…

While you may have heard of Howes Cavern, I also recommend you visit the not as well known Secret Caverns.

I did this one as well. It’s a fun thing to explore on a guided trip through the dark tunnel to the underground waterfall.

NOTE: It is very dark down there. Make sure the folks you are going with are not claustrophobic or afraid of the dark. 

That’s a Wrap!

I hope you enjoyed my blog about Cooperstown National Baseball Hall of Fame and got some useful information about places to check out in the area! Are you a baseball fan or know someone who is? Which team do you root for? Comment below!

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Thank you so much for your continued love and support! I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you.

Cooperstown Style

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  2. Hi Jeanine!
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  3. It sounds like a great place to take a die hard baseball fan, so with your dad that would have been a fantastic gift. The rail explorer sounds great fun thanks for sharing

  4. I’m so happy to hear that Henry! It’s definitely worth checking out. Let me know how your experience goes! Thanks for reading. 🙂

  5. Thanks for this blog. The baseball museum is definitely on my “to do” list and your blog will be of help.

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