Brand Collabs

Think our brands align and want to work together? Let’s discuss your vision! You can reach out to me here. You can also request a media kit from me.

Collaborating with brands on fun media campaigns is one of my favorite things to do! Most of the time, it combines all the things I love… beauty, fashion, exciting adventures, eating, traveling, writing, filming, and of course, meeting the people behind the businesses and seeing their passion for what they do! How can I not love it too?

I specialize in creating unique video, photo, and written content to get across your brand’s message, no matter what the type, size, or location your business is. I travel all over! Brands I’ve worked with were both local in New England and global as well.

When I’m a fan of your brand, the hard part for me is not coming up with ideas… rather, narrowing them down since I usually have so many! Being the creative person that I am, you’ll only need to give me a few pointers and leave the rest to me! We’ll create something great together that perfectly aligns with your brand’s vision.

So, let’s come up with a concept that both of our audiences will love! Connect with me here.

Below are some brands I’ve worked with… Click on the brand’s logo to see a glimpse of the collaboration we did together.