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Planning to visit the Christmas markets in Berlin?

When I was a young girl, okay.. technically I’m still young. But, when I was a much, much younger girl.. (way before Pinterest existed), I would sit on my bed and flip through magazines, sip hot cocoa.. journal and pen in hand.. planning for my epic European Christmas.

I experienced the most magical sceneries I had never seen before…

Historic towns with twinkly lights and garlands decorating the streets, little bakeries and shops with big wreaths on the doors… snow-covered chalets and cottages…

As if that weren’t enough to enchant me for life… they topped it off with charming Christmas markets complete with carousels, skating rinks, ornate steins of glühwein and hot cocoa, delicious sweets, and shops with handcrafted ornaments and nutcrackers.

And that’s when I fell in love with Christmas in Berlin, Germany.

Had I actually been to Germany? No… only through my magazines.. but, that’s basically the same thing, right?… lol. At least it was to me.. Then again, I was like..10. It was enough to inspire me.

If I came across something cutesy and Christmasy in the magazine, I’d scan the page for the name of the city and write it down.

As if I were planning a real trip.. ha! It’s more like a “When I Grow Up…” dream than an actual plan…

Remember when we were that adorable? I couldn’t wait for the day when I was grown up enough to actually plan a trip.

An American Girl Dreams of a European Christmas

I was living in sunny Southern California at the time. Which as you can imagine.. is the furthest thing from a White Christmas (my favorite Christmas movie btw). So, can you blame a girl for dreaming?

[This post was originally posted December of 2020. Updated December of 2021]

You look across the street and instead of seeing your friend build a snowman, you see her in her bikini, hosting a neighborhood carwash in her driveway or hopping in the car with her family to go to the beach.

Then, in my teens, I moved across the country to New York.. a whole different world.. practically a new country compared to Cali… But, I was excited thinking I’d finally get the holiday I had always envisioned…

But, as lovely as a NYC Christmas is (and it really is!)… is it a cozy Christmas town in Europe? Nope… Not even close.

Even New England (which is pretty much a bite sized replica of Europe) can’t do Christmas markets the way Europe can. Although, I will say… if you can’t go to Europe, New England Christmas markets are pretty much the closest thing you can get to actually experiencing the real thing. I would know… I have been a New Englander for the last decade plus after all. 😉

Where were the storybook villages I had seen in my magazines when I was little? Did they even exist? If so, where the heck were they??

As it turns out, the adorable markets we’ve all seen in magazines and Hallmark Christmas movies actually do exist. Thank goodness… Imagine having to go back in time and tell “little me” that those scenes were just staged for a photoshoot. Well.. they are.. but at least not the Christmas markets. 😉

christmas ornaments on tree

“My Christmas present to myself each year is to see how much travel can open up the world and take me to places as far from sheltered California … as possible.”

Pico Iyer

And Then My Little Girl Dreams Came True…

With the holidays being in full swing, I thought I’d recap one of my best Christmas trips abroad that led into the New Year. It all started with my then-boyfriend and I visited his home in Germany for the holidays.

One of the great things about having a European boyfriend is that I always had many great opportunities to visit Europe, particularly Germany and at Christmastime. 😉 It’s so interesting to see how the US and Germany’s Christmas traditions compare to each other.

Not to mention, having him speak the language, everything was much easier.

Pinterest Marketing Pin | Berlin Christmas Markets
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Traveling to Berlin, Germany: Here I Come!

I was so excited at just the thought of going to Berlin. I had heard a lot about the city. And the Christmas markets I looked up online beforehand looked amazing.

Whether you enjoy arts & culture and want to stop by a gallery or museum, are a big foodie like myself and want to eat your way through every street vendor and Ratskeller in the city or, are a history buff and enjoy exploring the streets and its many historical sites, there’s something for everyone….  

I’ll get to all of that in another blog. Right now I’m just gushing about the Christmas markets in Berlin! 

The Flight to Germany

My boyfriend would fly over a week before me to get a head start on celebrating the holidays with his family in Germany and I would take a solo flight and meet them there.

I took a Delta / KLM flight from Boston to Dusseldorf via Amsterdam. I’ve always liked flying with Delta/KLM.

It’s not as luxurious airlines as Singapore Airlines or Lufthansa First-Class.. but I’ve found them to be better than the other airlines leaving from the US. Plus, Delta got me to my destination safely and on time over the holidays so no complaints.

Landing in Dusseldorf Germany

I have so many horror travel stories I could tell you about Amsterdam.. just bad luck I guess.. I’ll save that for another time but let’s just say I was relieved at finally having a smooth layover… just 1 hour as promised.

women dressed as an elf

When I finally arrived at Dusseldorf Airport, I was pleasantly surprised to find how festive it was! They even had a skating rink! 

Christmas treet | Dusseldorf airport at Christmas
ice skating at Dusseldorf airport at Christmas

Arriving in Germany at Last…

After visits with family in his hometown and catching up with all of his friends, we hopped on a train and headed to Berlin where we’d be staying for several days to celebrate the holidays and welcome the new year!

So, my Christmas Berlin story will start picking up here. But, I’ll already give you a little hint as to how it ended…

Pssst… Berlin is now my absolute favorite city in Europe! 😉

Train to Berlin: Berlin Central Station

5 star element

Berlin Central Station at Christmas

How did we get to Berlin? By train of course! Berlin Hauptbahnhof (Berlin Central Station) is Europe’s largest train station.

getting on the train at berlin central station

We caught a cab from the train station to the hotel which was only a few minutes away.

The train ride was comfortable. They also had a food counter with decent food actually. I got a curry sandwich and a beer. 

The train station was beautifully decorated for Christmas and very big! Lots of stores and food options. Located in the heart of Berlin, close to many tourist attractions on foot.

What are the Holidays like in Berlin Like?

Although I wouldn’t know from personal experience, I hear that Berlin is great any time of year… I can see why. It’s one of those cities I found myself not wanting to leave.

So much so that I found myself asking whether I wanted to become a Berliner one day… 😉

But, Berlin over the holidays? Even more fun… and pretty. I loved how the city came to life with charming Christmas markets all over the city, each unique to its location.

New Year’s Eve was equally spectacular but in a completely different way.

The city has a massive party at Brandenburg Gate every year that goes on for a mile! It’s basically the equivalent to watching the ball drop in NYC’s Times Square.. only, fireworks all over the city as well! It’s pretty spectacular.

A German Tradition: Christmas Markets in Berlin

A thing about the Germans? They know how to do Christmas! It’s an amazing spectacle to witness. They really value tradition, especially at Christmas

If you’re in Germany at Christmastime without having stopped by a Christmas market, were you even there at all?

Their Christmas markets have been around since the 16th c. Many Germans argue about what constitutes an “authentic market”. It’s a whole east vs. west vs. south vs. north thing.

Whose Christmas markets are better in Germany? I can only speak for the ones I’ve experienced in Berlin… But would love to go to markets all over the country one day!

There are so many names for Christmas markets in Germany…

  • Christkindlesmarkt
  • Christkindlemarkt
  • Adventmarkt
  • Christkindlmarkt
  • Glühweinmarkt
  • Striezelmarkt
  • or Weihnachtsmarkt…

In my blog, Chicago at Christmastime, A Train Stop in Chicago I talk about what I thought about Christkindl Market which was Chicago’s take on the real Christmas markets in Germany.

Christkindl Market, Chicago
Christkindl Market, Chicago

Now that I’ve been to the real thing, it’s silly to think how excited I was when I saw that one.


Prior to 1920, each of Berlin’s districts were separate towns. Therefore, unlike other German cities that have 1 central Christmas market, Berlin has many scattered across the city.

This is what “little me” was dreaming about all those years ago… But, if someone you’re traveling with is not a Christmas enthusiast like you and me… (eye roll)… later in the blog, I mention Non-Holiday Related Activities Near Westin Grand Berlin that you can do.

I also share my Google Maps list as well so you can plan your trip.

I love how a lot of Berlin’s markets are open even after Christmas. If you’re like me, you enjoy stretching out the holiday for as long as possible! If you want a classy and elegant Christmas market…

Christmas Markets in Berlin, Germany

Gendarmenmarkt Christmas Market Berlin

Can you say charming?! This market stole my heart and ended up being my favorite! It had a more classic, romantic feel to it. It’s the kind of storybook traditional Christmas village you’d expect Germany to have yet, it’s classy and sophisticated. I was in awe of it all.

geeves at Gendarmenmarkt Christmas Market Berlin
Gendarmenmarkt Christmas Market Berlin

Gendarmenmarkt is located on a lovely square that houses the German and French Cathedral as well as Shinkel’s Konzerthaus, Berlin’s national theatre, and a famous concert hall.

When is the Market Open?

From Advent until New Year.

Special Offerings:

The market had everything it seemed! From live performances like plays and a choir. Foodie finds like cafes and little popup fondue restaurants in heated tents with white fur throw blankets to keep you warm and tables set up nice.

They had a very cozy interior that made you feel like you were in a ski chalet. You’d never think it was a pop-up. There was no shortage of foodie finds in the market… fresh cheese assortments… desserts… cafes with traditional German fare and vendor booths throughout serving gluhwein.

Gendarmenmarkt_Christmas Market Cheese
Gendarmenmarkt_Christmas_Market Fondue Restaurant
Gendarmenmarkt Christmas Market Berlin Gluhwein
I got several mugs to take home as souvenirs after finishing my gluhwein!

I also saw rotating grills hanging over a fire which seems to be a popular thing throughout German Christmas markets. It had different meats.. bratwursts, schnitzel, krakauer (Polish sausage), etc… It all smelled so amazing.. like BBQ heaven.

They also had an abundance of craftsmen, dressmakers, and local artists selling hand-carved wood trinkets and signature German souvenirs. To go with it, I also got some Mutzenmandeln (little German almond donuts) a.k.a. “Mutz”.. which is far cuter to say, don’t you think?

“No tip = bad sex for 7 years”! Love it..

They were warm, sugary, and delicious. Perfect chilly evening treat. I ate them while watching a show. They had cute Christmas performances you could stand and watch for free which was great! One of them was a funny dance routine.. and there was singing too. There was also a woman dressed in costume walking around the market on stilts and giving little gifts to children which was super cute.

Gendarmenmarkt_Christmas Market Berlin Play

For More Info

Visit their website here. If you want a Christmas market that’s less elegant and more fun and sporty.

My Official Review of Gendarmenmarkt Christmas Market

I was really happy with this market. It was elegant, classy, festive and had many special offerings like foodie finds and Christmas shows. The square that the market is held in is lovely. The whole experience was charming.

Chicago at Christmas

Have you visited Chicago at Christmas? See the magical things to do during the holidays in Chicago.

Potsdamer Platz Christmas Market

They’re both located right next to the Mall of Berlin and SONY Center (which is has a pretty cool setup in itself, more on that later). Potsdamer Platz used to be a wasteland. Now, it’s a popular nightlife and shopping district with lots to explore!

After taking a stroll, I stumbled upon their two-holiday attractions, Christmas Market and Winter World (“Winterwelt”). I absolutely loved the Wintery setup! It was a nice change in scenery from the Gendarmenmarkt.

Potsdamer Platz Winter World Tobbogga

When is it Open?

Beginning of December to the beginning of January.

Special Offerings

Potsdamer Platz Winter World Tobbogga

If the last market was charming, this market was sporty and fun! They had a lot of fun things to do. Like an open-air ice rink (free of charge), curling, a large toboggan which you better believe I did! It’s actually the largest toboggan in Europe!


It brought out the kid in me! Sadly, I did it all alone… Since my bf refused to act 5 years old with me. ☹ But, he did make up for it by getting some gluhwein, which you can’t get enough of at a German Christmas market. 😉

Potsdamer Platz Christmas Market Gluhwein

It was just as delicious as the ones I had before. Of course, I saved the mug as a souvenir as well. The one thing each market had in common is gluhwein!!

The market also had a lot of foodie options to choose from.. schnitzels, pretzels, baked goods, sweets, candies, souvenirs.

Potsdamer Platz Christmas Market Gluhwein

You can hang around in the evenings for the apres-ski party and live DJ on the weekends. You could also enjoy Austrian delights in one of the Schmankerl or Salzburger Stiegl Alm wooden huts which were very authentic experience.


Gluhwein literally translates to “glow-wine”. You’ll totally be glowing in the chilly night’s air after a mug of this delicious mulled wine.

They also had a very traditional German restaurant.. as well as food vendors and little shops that sold sweets and souvenirs.

Potsdamer christmas market rides

They had kiddie rides too!

Funny Story

One of the songs they played at the market was Cisco’s “Thong Song”.. as the kids were riding the carousel, you could hear it. No one seemed to care.. We couldn’t stop laughing though!! It was in English so I wonder if all the words were understood by the locals…

For More Info

Visit Potsdamer Platz Christmas market & Winter World’s websites.

Attractions Nearby

  • Sony Center
    3 star element

I was curious to see what else Potsdamer Platz had to offer… Afterward, my boyfriend and I went to the SONY Center since it was right next door…

Turns out, it’s super cute! They had a very festive display which was great for a quick photo op.

Berlin Sony Center at Chrimas
Berlin Sony Center at Chrimas
  • Sony Center
    5 star element

Then, we went to The Mall of Berlin. I was dying to stock up on some German candies and cheeses.

Potsdamer Platz Cotton Candy Clouds
mall of berlin a christmas

It never ceases to amaze me how freaking inexpensive European food is compared to the US.

I once went to a German grocery store and was able to get food for a charcuterie & cheese platter that usually would have cost me anywhere between $6 & $9/cheese and salami.. I could get 5x the amount of food for the same price. SO crazy!

berlin wall at potsdamer platz

After shopping, we checked out the streets of Potsdamer Platz. The area has been redeveloped as the new center of Berlin. There’s so much history. Part of the Berlin wall is on display there.

berlin wall at potsdamer platz

Funny Story

My boyfriend told me I should touch the wall.. and I thought, “Hey.. that’s cool, I can say I got to touch the Berlin wall!” and then I touch it and I’m like, “It’s so much softer than I thought it would be”…

Then I look closer and it’s freaking gum! Ucckkkk… I was so grossed out. 😜 Meanwhile, he couldn’t stop laughing.

Review of Potsdamer Platz

I loved how they were both located next to other activities such as Mall of Berlin and SONY Center.

Christmas Market:

Was festive.. had gluhwein, souvenirs, and food. I enjoyed Winter World more than the market however.

Winter World: It’s absolutely wonderful if you want a little something fun to do, not just Christmas related. I enjoyed the Winter set up. It was festive but also gave a little something unique that I wasn’t expecting in a Christmas market with the tobbaggan which was so fun!

Do you have a Chronic Illness and Want to Travel?

Just because you have a chronic illness, doesn’t mean you can’t travel!
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Alexanderplatz has a lot of tourist attractions in the area and a bucketload of history. You could easily spend a whole day there walking around.

This Christmas Market I spent all of 5 minutes at. I wasn’t too impressed with the environment or the offerings. It wasn’t unique in my opinion.. and not as charming as the last 2 markets.

But who knows.. you may disagree with me and absolutely love it.

Special Offerings

I’d say, the big draw here was the ice skating rink.

ice skating ring at alexanderplatz christmas market

I also saw that they had a restaurant nearby. It was very commercial in the area.. tourist shops and whatnot. Maybe that’s why I didn’t fall in love. It didn’t feel like a Christmas atmosphere.

When is it Open?

Beg. of Dec to end of Dec.

For More Info

Visit Alexanderplatz’s Christmas market website here.

Review of Alexanderplatz Christmas Market

I was very unimpressed.. actually, that’s an understatement.. it killed my Christmas mood. I’m happy this wasn’t the first market I went to or I would have been very disappointed.

My Christmas Market in Berlin Experience Overall…

I’d say that if you’re looking for a Wintery destination to spend a lovely Christmas, Germany is an amazing place to be… especially Berlin at Christmas.

You can’t go to Germany without going to at least one Christmas market though. I’m not ashamed to admit that I would travel there just for the markets. It’s truly special.

I can see why “little me” planned for this moment in her journal all those years ago.

She had freaking adorable travel goals.. still does. The sky was the limit… 😉

It’s what makes being an adult so awesome… Now, we can let our imagination run wild and turn our dreams into plans.

I may not be that little girl anymore but, having traveled all over, I realize that each destination has its own charm during the holidays.

A California Christmas is different from a New York City Christmas. A NYC Christmas is different from a German Christmas.

I now appreciate them all. And that’s what I love about travel. Different sceneries allow you to experience the same event in a way that’s totally unique to that destination.

It’s what makes Christmas special in each part of the world!

I’m a bit biased when it comes to my Christmases… There must be snow! This is why I’ve loved living in New England. It’s the closest thing I can get to Europe’s charming small towns and countrysides.. without living there. Not to mention, snow, snow, snowwww!

No matter how many times I’ve been back to experience the magical wonders of Europe at Christmastime, I will spend the rest of my life so excited to do it again and again. It never gets old.

Where to Stay in Berlin, Germany: Westin Grand Berlin

4 star element

I have two main deciding factors when choosing my hotels.

The first is whether the hotel is a Marriott property, where I’m a member.

He and I both collectively have Marriott Bonvoy points so, we try to utilize them as often as we can. Since Marriott has over 6,500 properties for us to choose from, we always have a lot of options and are usually really satisfied with our hotel choice.

My second deciding factor is whether the hotel is close to attractions. I don’t know about you but, I like to spend my time enjoying a place rather than getting to that place… lol.

So, I was happy with our stay at Westin Grand Berlin for the location alone. We were very close to many of the city’s main attractions which I mention below.

In summary, it wasn’t a luxurious stay but we were very comfortable and happy with the customer service. The big benefit here was the convenient location. Also, the breakfast was fantastic and it was a lovely setting. They had a Christmasy atmosphere in the hotel. Many amenities.

Where is Westin Grand Berlin located?

On the corner of Friedrichstrasse & Unter den Linden in the center of Berlin.

You would think my first stop would be Brandenburg Gate since it’s right around the block. However, I would be staying through New Year’s so there’s no way I was going to spoil that experience in advance.

But would have no shortage of fun activities until that moment came.

Hotel Experience

  • Breakfast
breakfast spread at westin grand berlin

Every morning, we sat down in the dining room for breakfast overlooking the city as we planned our day’s activities.

It was lovely, with lots of different food options presented in a nice setting. The buffet setup was quite elegant. You had your selection of different charcuteries, cheeses, freshly squeezed juices, fresh-made omelets, bread, mimosas.

Whatever you’d like, they most likely have! I love European breakfasts.

It was a great way to start off every day. I find European Marriotts to have a better selection of food in general.. which appeals to the charcuterie & cheese lover in me!

Breakfast is always complimentary for us thanks to our Marriott status through Marriott Bonvoy.

  • The Room
hotel room at westin grand berlin hotel

Our room was simple, modern, and clean.. which is Marriott’s signature style for most of their properties. It wasn’t particularly posh or anything but it did the job. We chose the hotel based on location and the fact that it was a Marriott property.

The bed was comfortable. We had a balcony too.

  • Amenities
Pool at the westin grand berlin

They have an elegant pool with lights that change colors.

They also have a locker room and shower nearby. The gym was very tiny.. They also have a spa.

geeves at the westin grand berlin pool
  • Westin’s New Years Eve Party

The hotel had a NYE party downstairs which was great. I caught the end of it…

Lobby of the Westin Grand Berlin

Downstairs in the lobby, there’s a restaurant, club, and bar all rolled into one. Quite a few movies such as Bourne Supremacy have been filmed here.

The hotel offers a New Year’s Eve dinner in a lovely setting which you can enjoy while listening to the piano.

At the end of the night, closer to the New Year’s countdown, they have a DJ, champagne flowing, and dancing!

Cocktails and coffee in the lobby of the Westin Grand Berlin

During our stay, we enjoyed some drinks and patisserie while listening to music in the lobby.

Non Holiday Things to Do in Berlin

Just in case you’re in Berlin and you’ve dragged your friend to every festive venue in the city but they’re so over it, here are some activities that are non-holiday-related.

If you’re staying at the Westin Grand Berlin, the following are close by.

5 Attractions You Can Walk to in 10 Minutes & Under 

7 Attractions You Can Walk to in Under 20 Minutes 

PLAN YOUR TRIP: My Berlin Google Maps List

To help you plan your activities, check out the Berlin Google Map I created marking each destination I’ve mentioned in the blog.

I’ve also included attractions that are over 20 min walking from the hotel which you can take a cab to or trek there!

You can also copy, print, share, or download it!

The German Stereotype is True!

There are a lot of stereotypes that are absolutely true about Germans. I’ve experienced them firsthand in my relationship as well, lol…

Germans are often known around the world as being a bit cold, disciplined, hard-working, a lover of rules, structure, organization, practical, efficient, and at times as SNL’s hilarious skit “Coat Store” makes fun of.

But, having known the people firsthand through my German boyfriend and his people, I can tell you honestly that the Germans are also warm, kind, hospitable, caring people.

illustration of geeves traveling with pink suitcase and blue outfit

I hope you enjoyed my stories of Berlin at Christmas as much as I enjoyed sharing them with you! Hopefully, you got some ideas on which Christmas Markets in Berlin to visit. Thank you for reading! 😊

Have you visited any of the Christmas markets in Europe? Which ones?

Would you like more of this type of content? Or maybe there’s something else you want me to write about?

I love hearing from my readers! Feel free to comment below and let me know if you enjoyed my post. 

You can also subscribe to my blog and follow me on InstagramTwitter, and Pinterest. Thank you for your continued love and support! I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you.

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  1. It makes the experience more authentic and definitely easier to communicate with the locals. Well, I’m American too and didn’t speak more than a few words of German so don’t worry! Most of them speak English.

  2. It must have been great visiting Germany with someone who is from there. I’d like to experience an old-world Christmas, but I’d stick out like a sore thumb or more like an American tourist!

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