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Maine is known for a lot of things… wild blueberries, moose, National Acadia Park, lobster, the oyster trail, and even breweries but surprisingly, pizza is not on the list. I often wonder, why the heck not? So, in this blog I’m spreading the word about where to get the best pizza in Maine.

Get ready to add this list to your Pinterest “Places to Go” because these spots are well worth the trip, no matter where you’re coming from. Me personally, I often travel across the country and plan trips around a cool place I saw online. I’m highly influenced by social media which is how I found a few of these spots.

Now it’s your turn to try! Treat yourself to the delicious pizza concoctions and stunning atmospheres that these brilliant Mainers have created using Maine’s fresh, local resources for their food and beautiful sceneries.

Take your pick from pizza places with rustic stunning après ski party sceneries complete with fire pits, cross country trails and warming huts or, head into the city where you’ll find pizza joints in historical brick buildings right on the water, serving pizza the organic way with fresh, local ingredients from Maine.

And don’t even get me started on the tasty beers brewed right here in Maine. Many of the pizza places I mention are technically breweries.

Alright, I think I’ve teased your taste buds enough. 😉 So, who has the best pizza in Maine? You’ll just have to read on to find out.

In this blog, I share where to get the best pizza in Maine!

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1. Farmhouse Beer Garden, Farmington

2. Portland Flatbread Co., Portland

3. Oxbow Beer Garden, Oxbow

4. Portage Tap House, Oquossoc

5. Rising Tide, Portland

6. Bigelow Brewing Co, Skowhegan

7. Bag & Kettle, Sugarloaf Mountain

8. Gott’s Store & Gas Station, Southwest Harbor

9. Cushnoc Brewery Co., Augusta

10. Blaze, Bar Harbor

Please note, these places are not listed in any particular order. Alright.. let’s get saucy with it. 😉

[This post was originally posted February of 2022. Updated August of 2022]

The 10 Best Pizza Places in Maine 

Who doesn’t love pizza? Cheesy, crunchy, savory… You really can’t go wrong with a good slice… or, if you’re a foodie like me, controlled by her tastebuds, the whole gosh darn pie! And then 1 more pie to take home.. cuz, that’s how I roll baby. Seriously.. wheel me out, cancel my plans, this chick is done for the day.

Being raised during my formative years in New York, where pizza is king, you’d think that I’d be biased and unwilling to consider that a place 500 miles away could ever compete. But, here we have the great state of Maine.

Since moving here shortly after the pandemic started in 2020, Mainers have opened their arms, welcoming me as one of them. I’m so glad they did, or I would have never discovered the best pizza in Maine.

So, get ready to feast your eyes (and stomach) on the pizza of your dreams.

Good news! And just when you thought these pizza places couldn’t be any more amazing… they’re all in towns that you can plan a day of activities and sightseeing in. Many of them even have indoor/outdoor seating so you can feel COVID-safe.

Sunset at Farmhouse Beer Garden
  1. Farmhouse Beer Garden | Farmington, Maine

Wood fire pizza, local Maine beer, twinkly lights, rustic farmhouse, wide open landscape, live music, fire pits, tree swing, cornhole. Need I say more?

Farmhouse Beer Garden screams adorable, rustic farmhouse vibes and is the epitome of Maine’s cozy, nature scene with tons of character thanks to owner Max who handcrafted the wood furnishings you see outside as well inside the converted barn on property. They even have roosters running around the property. Can’t get anymore “farmy” than that. 😉

It certainly doesn’t hurt that the owners Max and wife, Keelee are salt of the earth people, just as laid back and kindhearted as the Mainers who go there, which makes the experience all the more enjoyable.

Grab a pie or two, sit outside and take it all in. Open April – October. No matter what time of day you come, it’s a vibrant scene. Glamping yerts coming soon.

pizza from Farmhouse Beer Garden
The pepperoni & margherita pizza at Farmhouse Beer Garden are favorites!

What to Order:

To eat

  • Margherita pizza
  • Pepperoni pizza

To drink

  • Sea Dog Wild Blueberry Wheat Ale (Maine is known for their wild blueberries)

Visit Farmhouse Beer Garden here.

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2. Portland Flatbread Co. | Portland, Maine

Sitting right on the water of Maine’s historic city, Portland, you’ll find a gem in an exposed brick building that houses Portland Flatbread Co. One step inside and it’s abundantly clear this isn’t the typical pizza place. Their mission has always been to renew their guests’ spirits while serving and they do it well. Here, you’ll be served “real food, by real people, in a real environment” which they take pride in. Community, sustainability and quality, organic ingredients are what goes into making their delicious tasting pizza.

If you’re a meat lover like me, ask for more on your pizza (they don’t put as much as a meat lover would like). If you’re not a meat lover, they also have veggie pies and organic salads which are so crisp and fresh!

Eating pizza at Portland Flatbread Company
Pizza at Portland Flatbread Co.

Can’t make it to Portland? They also have other locations in New England. You can also pick up their ingredients to make your own pizzas and salads from home.

Check out Portland Flatbread Co. here.

Magical Lighthouses of Maine

Looking for something fun to do in Portland? Maine has over 60 lighthouses and 6 are within 20 minutes of Portland! Check them out on my blog and then head out!

3. Oxbow Beer Garden | Oxbow, Maine

I couldn’t write about the best pizza in Maine without including Oxbow which, is by no means a quick stop. But, they don’t have to be. This isn’t some run of the mill joint you pull up to for a quick bite. You come here to get the full experience. When I went, I waited in line for a while. But, it’s worth it to experience all this place has to offer.

Start off on their nordic ski or snowmobile track and then dive into some of the best pizza in Maine! Not to mention the stunning scenery. (best in the Winter)

Oxbow Beer Garden prides themselves on their “authentic farmhouse ale”. But I know them for their pizza.

Oxbow Beer Garden scenery
The Winter scene at Oxbow Beer Garden
The pizza at Oxbow Beer Garden
N’duja pizza (left) & Mushroom pizza (right)

What to Order:

To eat

  • N’duja Pizza
  • Mushroom Pizza

To drink

  • Sap haus beer (smoked lager w/ maple syrup)
  • Mulled cider + bourbon
  • Housemade soda

Take your pick from sitting outdoors in the après ski party scene with bonfires and ski huts galore or, stay warm inside their cozy 200 year old converted barn.

Read my Maine Winter blog where I talk about my full experience of Oxbow Beer Garden in the Winter atmosphere and snowshoeing.

Learn more about Oxbow Beer Garden here.

4. Portage Tap House | Oquossoc, Maine

Portage Tap House is a great spot to hit after a full day of adventure in the Rangeley-Oquossoc area.

What I love about this place is that it mirrors the rustic vibes of the location so well while honoring its history. Upon walking in, the first thing you’ll notice are the canoes hung from the ceiling, strung with twinkly lights which, is a little hint as to where the place gets its name from. Back in the day, The Wabanaki tribes, (who are native to Maine) used to occupy the canoe portage between Mooselookmeguntic and Rangeley lakes that runs along the same road as Portage Tap House. Today, the portage is occupied by people on the Northern Forest Canoe Trail who paddle just for fun.

While you’re at Portage, relax with a wood fired pizza and cold beer while taking in the cozy, rural atmosphere and beautiful natural sceneries. They also have other delicious entrees, drinks and desserts for you to choose from for those coming in with a hardier appetite. 😉

Check out Portage Tap House here.

Rising tide pizza, beer and fire pit
Beer flights, wood fire pizza & fire pits. Does an evening in Portland get any better than this?

5. Rising Tide | Portland, Maine

This independent, family-owned operation is one of the breweries that form the Maine Brewshed Alliance, whose mission is to protect Maine’s water which is so clean that it doesn’t need to be filtered.

They have a great selection of draft beer and cans to go. Not a beer fan? That’s ok! They also have wine, cider and kombucha.

But, they’re known for much more than their beer. Their pizza is also equally tasty which they make in a fire. They also have treats for your dog!

Sit outside and enjoy a fire pit or a game of cornhole while you wait.

Check out Rising Tide here.

Mainers Know Good Beer

You’re learning the best pizza in Maine but, you’ll find many of the nation’s finest craft beer right here in Maine too with over 100 craft breweries, 17 of which are in Portland, the most per capita of any city in the nation, according to the Brewers Association.

6. Bigelow Brewing Co. | Skowhegan, Maine

You can’t go wrong with any of the pizza creations baked in the wood fire oven outside at Bigelow Brewing Co. I came for the beer but stayed for the pizza which is made with fresh, local ingredients all around Maine.

Run by father, Jeff and daughter, Jordan, it’s the perfect pizza joint to hit if you enjoy being outside in nature and the cozy, rustic cabin feels of the interior. There’s even a dog park on property and outdoor seating when the weather is nice. You can also enjoy trivia on Thursdays and live music on Fridays and Saturdays.

Come see what they’re all about! More info here.

Geeves eating pizza at Bag & Kettle
The Bag’s Mountainous Pepperoni at Bag & Kettle

7. Bag & Kettle | Sugarloaf Mountain, Maine

So, you’re taking a break from riding the mountain and craving some pizza? Check out Bag & Kettle at Sugarloaf Mountain. They make the cheesiest pizza I’ve ever had. I always order The Bag’s Mountainous Pepperoni, it’s one of the best pepperoni pizzas I’ve had.

Check out Bag & Kettle here.

8. Gott’s Store & Gas Station | Southwest Harbor, Maine

There’s always one random gas station that makes incredible pizza. Well, this is it. Located on Mount Desert Island (yes, a real island) in the adorable quaint town of Southwest Harbor, Gott’s Store is the place to pump your gas and grab a pizza pie.

Did I mention that they’re humungous!? You’ll be eating it for days. Then again, next day, cold pizza is the best.

Word around the block is that they have the cheapest gas on the island as well.

Don’t take my word for it. Try them for yourself.

Check out Gott’s Store & Gas Station here.

pizza at Cushnoc Brewery in Augusta
Examining this fine specimen of a pizza at Cushnoc Brewery
The back patio at Cushnoc Brewery
The back looks just as good as the front. 😉

9. Cushnoc Brewery Co. | Augusta, Maine

You can’t go to Maine’s state capital without hitting up Cushnoc Brewery Co., where they serve delicious wood fired pizza, snacks and local beer with hysterical names like Gigantic Dad Pants and Lawyer Up!

Grab a cozy seat out back and take a walk along the water. Or, sit in their tasting room which is super rustic and cozy.

Check out Cushnoc Brewery here.

10. Blaze | Bar Harbor
I’ve been here a couple times now and can honestly say they’re pretty solid.

Blaze prides themselves on having an urban identity wood fired oven, wood fired Argentinian Asador Grill and … a duck fat fryer! They also have 34 draft beers, over 50 bottled beer selections and an extensive wine & liquor selection.

Check out Blaze here.

I’ve mapped out these pizza places for you! Click here.


And there you have it, the 10 best pizza places in Maine. Thank you for reading my blog! Hopefully it didn’t make you too hungry. 😉

One day, Maine will be known for their pizza until then, I’m going to keep coming back to all these great places and support my local community! I hope you do too.

Which pizza place do you want to go to in Maine? Do you have any favorite places I need to hit? I’d love to know, leave me a comment below!

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Thank you so much for your continued love and support! I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you.

Until next time… Sending you lots of love.

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