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In the last 5 years, I’ve stayed at over 150 different properties within pretty much all of the hotel brands and category rankings that Marriott offers. Today I’m sharing some of the best and worst Marriott hotels I’ve stayed in.

I would like to take a moment to preface this final blog in my 4 part Marriott series by saying that I absolutely do consider myself somewhat of an expert when it comes to Marriott hotels. 

To wrap this series up, I’m going to be sharing some more of my favorite hotels that I’ve recently stayed at. However, unlike the last blog, I’ll be sharing some of my not-so-favorite hotels with you too. 

It wouldn’t be Real Girl Review without “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly”, now would it? 😉

If you missed the other blogs in this Marriott series, I’ve shared…

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And now… get ready for Part 4! 

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[This post was originally posted March of 2021. Updated January of 2022]

When I Stay at a B&B vs. When I Stay at a Marriott

If you’re like me, you want to support the little guy. And when I’m in a small town, I do. I’ll stay at a Bed and Breakfast.

But, when I’m traveling and want an elevation of services and amenities, I usually go with a Marriott property because I’ve found them to be really consistent and I like knowing what to expect. 

Not to mention, I earn rewards just for being a member. So, it’s a win-win. 😉

That said, if you’re only riding the small business train, this blog is not for you. However, I do have other blogs supporting small businesses if you’re interested. 😊

Marriott is Not Just For Business Travelers

I don’t know about you, but I for one, am very influenced by social media and get a lot of ideas for trips, foodie finds, and hotels from other peoples’ posts. 

I also love sharing the hotels I’ve found and give people travel ideas! Sometimes you don’t know a place until you discover it online, right?! 

The other day, I posted a hotel I had just stayed at and someone commented, “I always assumed Marriotts were just business hotels”. 

But, she’s not alone. It always amazes me how many people still think this. This is why I did this Marriott series, to begin with. 

Contrary to popular belief, Marriott is not just for business travelers

Don’t get me wrong, they have some great business hotels too which I’ll share later. However, Marriott is so much more and I love all their different hotel personalities. A big reason why I’ve been so loyal to them. 

Gotta Love Options

Want to experience the unique flavor of a city in someone’s home or staying somewhere longer term? Marriott Home and Villas gives Airbnb a run for their money. Thank goodness, because a lot of us are fed up with them. Pick a place that fits your personality and budget. Explore the international destinations here!

Marriott Has a Hotel For Every Type of Traveler

One of the things I love about Marriott is that not only can you earn points just for being a member, but you can do so while staying at the right hotel for you. This means you don’t ever have to sacrifice what’s important to you whether that’s style, a good price, or comfort. 

When I travel, there is no consistency in the types of hotels I stay at. Sometimes, I want something clean and basic, and other times, something a bit more glam or unique! Depends on where I’m traveling to and what mood I’m in! 😉

The variety of Marriott hotels are just endless, it’s incredible… 7,000+ properties across 30 hotel brands ranging from Luxury and Premium to Longer Stays and Select

I bet you’ve stayed at a Marriott without even knowing it! 😉 

Truthfully, it wasn’t until I became a Marriott Bonvoy member and started staying with them more and more that I learned all this stuff. I’m still surprised whenever I find a really cute boutique hotel and discover that it’s a Marriott.

Fun Fact!

Gotta hand it to Marriott. They know what they’re doing. There’s a reason they’re the largest hotel company. They continue to blow up the industry with one acquisition after another from Residence Inn’ in 87 to most recently, Starwood Hotels & Resorts, giving them a grand total of 8 acquisitions.

But they’re not settling down any time soon. Hello, have you ever played Monopoly? They’re on track to acquire their 9th company, Welk Resorts, one of the largest independent timeshare companies in North America.

Let’s Talk About the Best and Worst Marriott Hotels I’ve Stayed In

Alright, are you ready? Here’s the good stuff…my favorite and not-so-favorite hotels. Which were a “BOOM” and which were a “BUST”? You’ll just have to read on to find out!

I’ll do separate blogs and go into more detail about my adventures on each trip later! This is just a quick breakdown.

Let’s go!

Hotels That Were a Boom

JW Marriott Parq Vancouver BC

Category 7
Overall: BOOM
5 star element

night view of city lights from the hotel room in Vancouver
View from our hotel room of the JW Marriott Parq in Vancouver

This Vancouver trip was one of my favorite trips of all time.

The activities and hotel definitely had a lot to do with it. Every day was like a new adventure! I can’t wait to go into more detail in a separate blog. 

JW properties are fantastic! Each of them has character and is usually unique to the city they’re in. I’ve stayed at several different ones and have loved them all.

And JW Marriott Parq was no different! Was definitely one of the highlights of our trip.

Since my trip, the hotel has changed from a Marriott Category 6 to a 7. Although the value was technically better then, I still highly recommend it.

Some things that stood out to me in the hotel were the rooms, spa, casino, and the location, which was very conveniently located to a lot of the activities we’d be doing.

Our Stay at JW Marriott Parq Vancouver

We used a suite voucher, a nice perk of being a Marriott Bonvoy member.   

The suite was lovely. It had a very clean, minimalistic interior yet it was sleek and luxurious. I really enjoyed the aesthetic.

The rest of the hotel was squeaky clean, spacious, inviting as well. And the lobby somehow always managed to smell amazing.

Amenities such as the gym, pool, and spa, and dining options were great.  

I’m so glad we went with this Marriott property. It was such a lovely stay. 😊 

What I liked about JW Marriott Parq Vancouver 


Conveniently located downtown near many of the attractions.
The hotel was right above BC Place. We ended up watching the White Caps play here.

Friendly Customer Service
(then again, Canadians are pretty nice on a regular day)

The Suite
I really liked our suite. Modern yet elegant with a great view- located right above BC Place so our room was illuminated every night from their pretty lights. 

Welcome Gift Waiting for us Upon Our Arrival

The Concierge Lounge
Complimentary access was granted with the Marriott Bonvoy membership Ambassador level. Check to see if your status gets you access here.  

I must say, this was one of my favorite lounges of any Marriott hotel I’ve stayed in. (And I’ve stayed at hundreds).

Started off each day having breakfast here and it was like walking into a smorgasbord every morning. Their selection was amazing. I loved it! 

a mixed plate of fruit, cheese, and cold cuts
Sample of the smorgasbord available in the Concierge Lounge

They also had snacks and drinks all throughout the day as well, even fresh squeezed juices conveniently bottled to take on adventures in the city and named after attractions nearby which I was thought was a cute touch. (i.e. Grouse Mountain)

Excellent Room Service

They Accept Suite Vouchers
(only works if there’s suite availability)

I was scratched by accident by the massage therapist and they had the appropriate action to ensure I was comfortable for the rest of my stay. This to me is the difference between good customer service and bad customer service. Issues arise all the time, it happens. What matters most is how they take care of it. As long as it’s not life or death, it’s no big deal. They handled the incident well. 

Other than that, the spa was relaxing and had great views of the city. The couples massage room was also very nice. They had amenities (hot tub, gym, 

Good Gym

Honey Salt
A yummy restaurant in the hotel. We ended up eating here like 5x, that’s how much we loved it.

What I Didn’t Like about JW Marriott Parq Vancouver


As Part 3 of this Marriott series mentioned, Ambassador Service didn’t mean anything here. 
Even after going to the designated point of contact to try to book a soccer game. The stadium’s seating arrangements were displayed via computer but didn’t do much else. We still had to book the tickets ourselves.

Honestly, other than that, no complaints about the hotel. I absolutely loved our stay and would definitely go back!

Learn more & book your stay at JW Marriott Parq Vancouver here.

Real Girl Review Tip: Before Booking Your Hotel

Remember, before booking a Marriott property, do a quick online search for cheaper rates. (i.e., ) Marriott offers the best rate guarantee but, you have to book with them directly which you can do here.

If you find a cheaper rate elsewhere for the same hotel, room type, and dates within 24 hours of making your reservation and you’re approved, you qualify for Marriott’s price match guarantee, plus an additional 25% discount off your stay OR 5,000 Marriott Bonvoy points. It’s up to you. Fill out the claim form here.

EMC2, Chicago, Autograph Collection

Category 6
Overall: BOOM
4 star element

Geeves on a hotel room bed, in a robe with legs playfully up in the air
Comfy bed in EMC2 Chicago

If you’re into unique hotel finds, you’ll really like the EMC2 in Chicago. What a hidden gem! On the outside, it almost seems like a cool museum or something… all shiny and edgy. 

Let me just say again, I LOVE Autograph Collection hotels. They’re known for having a unique boutiquey vibe in the Marriott family and each hotel has its own personality that makes it special.

For EMC2, it’s the vibe. The hotel combines art and science to give a really cool aesthetic. 

Our Stay at the EMC2 Chicago

A welcome note from the EMC2 hotel and a couple of tubes of jelly beans and nuts.
Our welcome gift from EMC2 Chicago

I really liked our hotel room. It was fun and eclectic yet modern and sleek as well. The amenities were great. The bathroom had Korres bath products which were nice.

The hotel also has a restaurant & bar called The Albert (presumably named after Einstein himself, perhaps the inspiration for the hotel’s wacky flavor?) It fits right in with the theme of the hotel.

They have megaphones in the room as speakers and a glass shower in the center of the room. They even have robots bring you your towels… I mean c’mon, if that’s not awesome, I don’t know what is! 

a gold megaphone used as a speaker

It’s very odd, “out there”, and I love it! 

What I Liked About My Stay at EMC2


Did I mention ROBOTS that deliver amenities to your room?! How cool is that?!

a robot that delivers amenities to your hotel room
The Robot

Unique Vibe

The Archive Lounge

Library Like Setting Where You Can Chill Out or DP Business
They have live performances sometimes too.

Cozy Bed

Nice Bathroom Amenities

Restaurant Downstairs: The Albert 

Boutique Feel

Conveniently Located
Take a look at the neighborhood’s attractions here.  

What I Didn’t Like About EMC


“Peekaboo” Shower
If you’re staying with someone other than your significant other, this “peekaboo” shower might be a bit awkward for you as the only thing that separates the shower from the bed is a curtain.

Geeves cringing at the open glass shower behind her that sees right through to her hotel bed

Not as Functional
Fun, but not as functional as other hotels (depends on what you’re going for)

Small Hotel
Only 1 restaurant option

Learn more & book your stay at EMC2 here.

Real Girl Review Tip: Credit Card Holds 💳

Picture this. You’re on vacation. You get up to the counter to check-in at your hotel and low & behold.. a $500 hold for incidentals?! Bu-bu-but.. between lunch and the pricey airport cab on the way to the hotel, you’re already racking up a heck of a lot of charges and your vacay hasn’t even started! 

And now, you can’t check in because you don’t have enough. Or, maybe your cc doesn’t allow you to charge the amount needed.

How to avoid this? Call the hotel before booking. There is no consistency in the cc holds that Marriott hotels place. 

Take the 2 different Courtyards I stayed at on a recent road trip. They were in the same Marriott category (discussed in Part 1) yet, 2 different amounts. In Rocky Mount, NC, Marriott put a $20 hold yet, $130 in Hilton Head, SC, both. 

We often don’t think of putting money aside for cc holds. Don’t be on vacay and find out that you don’t have enough.

A Quick Magical Trip to Chicago

Have you been to Chicago? One of the best times to visit Chicago is at Christmas time. See what to do in Chicago on a quick trip.

Chicago Marriott Downtown, Magnificent Mile

Category 6
Overall: BOOM
4 star element

an inside of a hotel room with the view of downtown chicago
Inside the hotel room in Chicago Marriott Downtown

The last hotel was the Chicago Marriott Downtown hotel. This one is a business hotel. 

It’s sleek, modern, clean, stylish, and smells amazing always. Come to think of it.. what Marriott property doesn’t? 🤔

Prior to Covid, I was a frequent visitor to Chicago as my partner was there weekly. I was able to experience a lot of different Marriott properties. This being one of my favorites. 

It’s Downtown Chicago which has a lot of great foodie finds and fun things to do!

Our Stay at the Chicago Marriott Downtown

This is the hotel for you if you’ll be working. Or even if you just want a reliable hotel. I’ve stayed here multiple times and each time was always very comfortable. 

There are several areas to sit and work or take a business call.. either in the lounge or downstairs in the spacious lobby. 

The rooms are pretty basic.. nothing fancy. I’ve stayed in their larger rooms and smaller rooms. Great views of city, big bed, modern vibe.

What I Liked About Chicago Marriott Downtown Magnificent Mile


Massive Gym / Facilities
Yoga / Pilates / Spin room as well as a separate full workout equipment room. Kind of military, factory style.


Delicious Complimentary Breakfast for Marriott Bonvoy Members of Certain Status
(ask in advance) 

Conveniently Located on Magnificent Mile
With lots of nearby attractions

Great Bar
The bar downstairs is so stylish and swanky, great for cocktails or lounging.

Restaurant Upstairs

Offers “Lunch To Go”
(room service option in containers, right outside your door)

Lots of Places to Set Up a Computer and Work

What I Didn’t Like About Chicago Marriott Downtown Magnificent Mile


Concierge Lounge
Very basic.

“No frill” Rooms
Very little character.

Learn more & book your stay at Chicago Marriott Downtown Magnificent Mile here.  

Real Girl Review Tip: “Can I Get You Anything?

Marriott allows you to request services in advance but I’ve stayed at hundreds of their properties and I’ve only had this feature work a handful of times. Most of the time, I still have to request extra towels after I arrive. Make a habit of ordering everything you need (extra pillows, towels, etc.) right after you check-in.

Residence Inn Orlando at Millenia

Category 4
Overall: BOOM
4 star element

A view of the pool and palm trees from a window above
View of the Pool at the Residence Inn Orlando at Millenia

One of the nicer Residence Inns. The Residence Inn Orlando at Millenia is a great option for business travelers but also families on a budget but want to travel in style! It’s located right around the corner from Islands of Adventure.

It’s basically the convenience of a hotel (customer service, housekeeping) but with at-home amenities, minus the cleaning fee of Airbnb.

Our Stay at the Residence Inn Orlando at Millenia

I stayed here for a week with my sister. We had just stayed at a Disney resort and went to Disney World. Then decided to go to Universal Studios, so this was convenient for us. We were surprised to find it was exactly like living in an apartment which made it a very comfortable stay for us. We chose to eat out a lot but were still able to cook meals in the room’s kitchen which was nice. Being able to do our laundry was also a huge bonus!

What I Liked About Residence Inn Orlando at Millenia


Extended Stay, Apartment Style with Full Kitchen
(dishwasher, fridge, microwave, stove, coffee pot) 

Laundry Room

Loved Room 570
(great view)

Wide Desk Area
(great for an in-home office)

Hotel Offers Grocery Shopping Service
(great for busy working professionals)

Complimentary Breakfast
(regardless of status)

Great Pool w/ Outdoor Lounge Area and Bar

Across from Millenia Mall
(high end, upscale w/ lots of stores & dining options)

Conveniently Located Near Universal Studios

Free High Speed Wifi

Smart TV

Pet Friendly

What I Didn’t Like About Residence Inn Orlando at Millenia


Small Gym

Had to Change Rooms
Loud guests next door. Took a while for them to change our room. Also took much longer than usual to get the extra towels that we asked for. The guy at the front desk forgot, had to call again.

Expected to have a separate room w/ 2 beds vs. 1 big suite like the previous Residence Inn I stayed at.

Learn more & book your stay at Residence Inn Orlando at Millenia here.

Marriott Series Review: What Did We Learn?

Remember, every dollar spent on hotels, car rentals, restaurants, events, cruises, and airlines, that Marriott has reciprocal agreements with translates into even more points which means more free nights, special status, and great perks for you! And it only takes a few minutes…

Whether you’re a frequent hotel guest or not, sticking to one hotel loyalty program is amazing and has huge benefits! The great thing is that it doesn’t cost you anything extra to sign up so head on over to Marriott Bonvoy and start earning points for your hotel stays!

London Marriott Hotel Park Lane

Category 8
Overall: BOOM
4 star element

Geeves smiling and posing in beautiful hotel lobby with marble floors

Located in the Mayfair district of London, every bit of this boutique hotel in London exudes 5-star luxury from the moment you step foot into the hotel. 

Our Stay the London Marriott Hotel Park Lane

On this London trip, I was to attend a gala, I would be visiting with a good friend of mine who would be staying with me. Since it was such a formal affair, I wanted something a bit more refined! And that’s exactly what I got! 

And boy did it cost me quite the pretty penny too! Luckily, I was able to earn points for my stay as it is a Marriott property.

What I Liked About London Marriott Hotel Park Lane


Complimentary Breakfast
Lovely breakfast, complimentary (not sure if it’s only for Marriott Bonvoy members)

Friendly Staff
The staff was very friendly and helped me to store my bags downstairs until the room was ready. 

24/7 Room Service

Very Sophisticated, Stylish Hotel
Loved the style of my room, elegant yet cozy. Also liked the bidet in the bathroom. Wish more American hotels had them. Take a peek at all the rooms here.

Great Views of Hyde Park

Convenient Location to many local foodie finds and activities in London.

Luxurious Atmosphere & Amenities
Including a heated indoor pool.

Elaborate Health & Wellness Center
(gym, pool, steam rooms, spa treatments)

Lanes of London
Great restaurant & bar located in the hotel. I dined there a couple of times. They had a harp player which made the meal even more delightful! They also have Afternoon Tea.. not surprising, it’s London after all. 😉

They arranged a car service for me to the airport.

Interested in having your wedding here? Check this out

What I Didn’t Like About London Marriott Hotel Park Lane


One day, after housekeeping “cleaned” my room, I found a used tissue and hairs in the bed. It was as if they put new bedding on but the sheets were used.

Very Expensive

Learn more & book your stay at London Marriott Hotel Park Lane here.

Ready to book your next trip?
Discover a new Marriott hotel anywhere in the world!
Where will you go next? Explore here.

5 star element

Hotels That Were a Bust

Okay, so… I’ve shared my recent favorite hotels with you. Now it’s time to share the not-so-favorite hotels I’ve stayed at recently.

Moxy NYC Times Square

Category 6
Overall: BUST
2 star element

A narrow hotel room with bunk beds
Bunk beds at the Moxy NYC

Can’t Believe the Moxy in Time Squares is a Category 6 hotel. I’ve had far more comfortable stays from hotels that were Category 5 and below. (the last hotel I listed is a perfect example) 

After seeing this adorable rooftop bar & lounge, Magic Hour on Tik Tok, I just couldn’t resist! I was looking for a hotel so staying there seemed convenient. I was like alright, let’s do this! 

Nah ah.. bad idea. Ended up being the worst Marriott I’ve ever stayed at. Of all the hotels I could have chosen in NYC! 🙄 

Luckily, I was only staying for one night to have oral surgery in the city and was pretty much passed out for most of the stay.. 😆 Let’s just say, when I finally woke up after my heavy, meds induced slumber, I realized where I was and couldn’t wait to leave. 

Moxy tries so hard to appeal to the young and hip crowd but in my opinion, they missed the hotel experience completely. Or, maybe it’s just me. After all, I’m a Millennial, what do I know?

It’s the kinda hotel that lets you do everything yourself and leaves you alone. Which can be a good thing if you want to be independent but then, you have to ask yourself why it’s the same price as hotels that do it all for you and have better quality rooms, amenities, and 24/7 service?? 

Just doesn’t make sense to me. You may as well stay at a friend’s place.

I would say that if you are a self-sufficient, “no-frills” kinda person, or.. a hipster, then yeah, this is for you. You’d probably appreciate the nonsense I went through. Maybe you’d find it ironic.

Our Stay at the Moxy Times Square

When we first arrived, getting into the hotel was confusing, check-in was long and inconvenient, the room was cramped and lacking privacy. Overall, it’s not what I expected. 

Some friends of mine who have stayed at this hotel in other locations have also identified with my experience. I guess that’s just Moxy’s M.O.

Unlike the other hotel experiences I’ve shared in this blog, the “cons” will more than likely outweigh the “pros”. So, I’ll start with those first.

What I Didn’t Like About Moxy NYC Times Square


None of the Typical Hotel Conveniences or Amenities You’d Come to Expect

  • no bell hop
  • no valet
  • no parking, parking garage 100 m away right next to hotel. You can unload first and then park car and walk to hotel
  • Restaurant closed due to COVID
  • no amenities

Step Up From a Hostel
And I haven’t been to one but can imagine this is what it’d be like.  

Cute concept, crappy hotel. Very chill… like too chill. Bare minimum… not very welcoming atmosphere.

My first thought was, “It’s like a sleepy house party.” Not slagging off hostels but when you pay more money, you expect better results, no? 

No Bell Hop
No employee standing near the entrance to assist you with bags, answer questions or direct you. Hard to tell who works there and who is a guest. They’re dressed the same. I actually mistook a guest outside as a bellhop… I was embarrassed.

Hotel Entrance Confusing AF
The entrance couldn’t have been less obvious, especially at night. The revolving door was shut down. 

After standing outside with my luggage for literally 10 minutes, trying to figure out where the entrance was, I asked the guy standing outside (who I assumed was an employee) if there was a bellhop or at least a luggage cart I could use. 

The friendly stranger said he didn’t work there. But, saw I was struggling to find an entrance and said that I needed a room key. This is a catch 22 if you ask me. I didn’t even check in yet, how could I have a room key?

I ended up walking in with him when his buddies let him in.

The next day, I saw a pretty beaten-up paper sign to the far right of the building’s entrance. Then, you have to wait for someone to buzz you in. That is if there’s even someone to let you in.

Awful Check-In Experience
The check-in experience was no easier. After getting in the door, I looked around and was like who works here? 

It looked more like a security check-in counter at a corporate office building than a hotel check-in counter.

After asking if I was in the right place, they had me scan a QR code on a paper on the wall. Then, had me stand there and answer (literally) 8 pages of COVID questions. 

It would make more sense for them to have you complete that questionnaire before you arrive. You’re standing next to people in line doing this, it defeats the whole point of them taking COVID safety measures in the first place.

NOTE: After my stay, I kept getting calls from either NYPD or NY State about my hotel stay in NYC. I wouldn’t recommend traveling there during the pandemic to avoid the hassle.

Elevator Sucks
It’s one of those elevators where you have to scan your room key before you enter then, select your floor level from the touch screen. It took me not one, not two, but three tries. It took me an average of 8 minutes each time.. annoying.

When you finally arrive on your floor, it’s like a maze trying to squeeze through the tight hallway and find your room from the elevator and the elevator from your room. 

The rooms are so weirdly tucked into odd directions and angles.

The Room
Buddymoon Bunk Bed Package. Twin Quad, Guest room, 4 Twin/Single Bed(s) bunk

  • My sister and I thought it’d be cool to bunk together. It was a very uncomfortable sleep and the pillows were not comfy.
  • When I walked in, I instantly felt claustrophobic. Reminded me of ROW NYC (not a good thing). Tables and chairs folded on the wall for a dining room corner.
  • Shower experience even more uncomfortable. No wall, just see-through glass. It’s awkward, especially if you’re staying with someone else other than your bae. Gives creepy “Peeping Tom” vibes.
No privacy. See?

What I Liked About Moxy NYC Times Square


Rooftop Bar: Magic Hour

Geeves standing in red ensemble at Magic Hour glowing in blue above her and pink and other color glowing lights surrounding her

Cool Bathroom… like NYC subway

Needless to say, I won’t stay at MOXY again. I guess I don’t have moxy. 😋

I don’t mean to give you a bad impression of New York hotels. I’ve stayed at some great ones and some not-so-great ones. It’s just a coincidence that the ones I’m mentioning in this blog all made the “Bust” list. Next time I’ll share some good NYC hotel finds. 😉

Salt Lake Marriott Downtown at City Creek

Category 5
Overall: BUST
3 star element

Geeves standing on a balcony, next to a railing, smiling in front of Salt Lake City

My partner and I were on a Pacific Northwest Trip that took us to Salt Lake City. But, as we later learned, looks can be deceiving.

On the Marriott website, SLC Downtown seemed like a nice pick. That is until we checked into Salt Lake Marriott at City Creek and went to our room. We discovered that it was everything but. 

Our Stay at Salt Lake Marriott Downtown at City Creek

I had a Lupus flare up which made me pretty much bedridden for most of our stay. It would have been nice to have a nicer hotel experience.

The concierge lounge was sub-par. The room is outdated and not anything like the pictures. We ended up changing rooms mid-stay. 

What I Liked About Salt Lake Marriott Downtown at City Creek


Conveniently Located to Local activities and Attractions
As I talk about more in my Salt Lake City blog.

Nice View
The room had a nice view of the Wasatch Mountains, City Creek Center, and Temple Square.

What I Didn’t Like About Salt Lake Marriott Downtown at City Creek


Deceiving Photos

Had to Change Rooms

Old Room Interior

Nothing Special About This Property

Lounge Wasn’t Great

If you want to stay at a Marriott, a better alternative would be Salt Lake City Marriott City Center.  

Sheraton New York Times Square Hotel

Category 6
Overall: BUST
1 star element

There is so little I recall about the Sheraton Times Square hotel except for negative things so I’ll keep it short. It’s no wonder they were given a 3.6 / 5 rating on Marriott’s site.


Located in Times Square


We didn’t have a good experience with booking a comedy show with the concierge. Upon arriving at the show, we were told that the tickets were fake. So, we had to pay for tickets again. This led to a whole dispute with the hotel to give us a refund.

Cramped Room
The overall atmosphere was blah.


So, there you have it! My most recent hotel stays… The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. And just like that, we’ve wrapped up this Marriott series!

Hopefully, you got some useful info and had a good laugh or two in between!

If there’s anything you took away from my recent Marriott blogs, I hope that it’s that you don’t have to travel 170+ days/yr to take advantage of great deals and travel rewards and that you don’t have to be a business traveler to enjoy Marriott hotels. 

Being that they have the most properties of any hotel brand (over 7,000), Marriott is for anyone and every one no matter what your budget, style, or travel preference is! They don’t discriminate. That’s why I’ve been so loyal to them over the years and will continue to share my latest hotel finds with you! 😊

blogs and check out all the reasons to embrace travel rewards and get the most out of a Marriott Bonvoy membership and discover their amazing properties!

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travel Geeves with suitcase

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What has been your worst hotel experience? What has been your best hotel experience? Tell me in the comments below!

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A Real Girl in the City, NYC Edition

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  1. Hey Alecia! I’m really happy to hear that you enjoyed my blog. Thank you for reading. 🙂 I haven’t stayed at Aloft yet but see their signs a lot. Now, I’ll give them a try at your recommendation! Hotel memberships are so great. Stay tuned in the Fall for my next hotel series about Hilton and Hyatt. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  2. I enjoyed reading your best of/worst of list. I’m a top tier loyalty member of another popular hotel chain, and have never really taken advantage of my Marriott Bonvoy membership. One of their hotels I have stayed at during a road trip was Aloft. I really liked the vibe there.

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