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Hey! It’s your girl Geeves here. Welcome to Real Girl Review! I’m so happy you’ve stopped by! Hopefully it’s not just for a quick visit and you join the club!

Who is Real Girl Review for?

Anyone who enjoys travel, adventure, trying new things, fun facts, and keeping it real! If I can inspire just 1 person to take a fun trip someplace they’ve never been or to relate to the “real girl” in me and not be taunted by perfection that only exists on the Instagram feeds, that’s amazing.

What is Real Girl Review?

To sum it up… the good, the bad, & the ugly. Expect to find stories about every kind of experience. We keep it real. I don’t write a blog unless I’ve had that experience myself.

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“The Good”

Phenomenal travel adventures and must try experiences, delicious foodie finds and hidden gems worth checking out. 

I’ll also cover my love of basic things like Fall in New England, small businesses who are doing big things, spas, high tea, and even intimate stories.

“The Bad”

Layovers from hell, horrible hotel stays

“The Ugly”

Places to avoid like the plague…

No matter how bad it gets, what I’ve learned is that, sometimes it’s the happy little accidents that lead to the real fun or, at the very least, one heck of a story. Embrace those last minute, unplanned adventures. Those are the trips we often end up having the most fun on anyway.

So, who is this girl that keeps popping up on your feed and what’s “Real Girl Review” about?

illustration of geeves traveling with pink suitcase and blue outfit

Hi, I’m Geeves!

A travel writer, content creator and founder of Real Girl Review, based in New England.

Just like anyone, I have my ups and downs..

Up until a few years ago, my life was pretty much one lived in isolation. You see, I have this annoying thing called Lupus, which is an “invisible illness” that I deal with. It wasn’t under control until I hit my mid 20’s.

Unfortunately, as a result, I had to forgo many normal everyday things as I spent the first several years after being diagnosed (at 17) in and out of hospitals and doctors’ offices.

I’m a Lupus Warrior

Lupus kicks me in the butt sometimes, not gonna lie.. but I never let it win. Ultimately, my love for life takes over and when it does, it’s larger than life itself.

My mom used to say that if any of my 3 siblings had to be diagnosed with a chronic illness, she was glad that it was me because I have the most optimistic attitude of anyone she’s ever known.

Watch my interview with Anne Welsh from Painless Universal where I share what it’s like to have Lupus and how to persevere.

Honestly, it’s the only thing that’s gotten me through. For that reason, I believe my Lupus makes me stronger. I live with it knowing that most days, I’ll be able to live how I want. Maybe, that’s how I’m able to take so much enjoyment from things. I just enter this mindset where I love life and everything in it. I have such a big appreciation and feel grateful that I get to live it every day.

Through Real Girl Review, I hope to remind you to never let the bad things win and to not be afraid of living the life you were meant to. Life is too short to not be celebrated for as many moments as possible, no matter how big or small.

Geeves at the Lupus Walk in Boston
Lupus Walk, Boston

Bit By the Travel Bug

So, after figuring out the medical stuff and how to deal with it, I decided to grab life by the proverbial reins and ride it for all that I could. First step… TRAVEL. And boy did I ever!

The last 5+ years, I have been fortunate enough to travel approximately 175 days a year on average, exploring the US, covering all states except for the Dakotas and Montana (which I get to do on my epic 3 month roadtrip this Summer)! 😊

In that time, I’ve gotten to experience so many amazing destinations, restaurants, experiences and hotels. Yes, I said hotels. You’d think with all that traveling I’d do, I lived the van or RV nomad life. It’s an awesome journey for some but not this unapologetic maximalist. I pack way too many suitcases to be able to do either of those forms of travel.

I’ve also spent time abroad in Canada, England, the Netherlands, Germany and the Caribbean.

By the time I started Real Girl Review in 2020, I had already been traveling extensively… I was on top of the world (I guess you could say literally)! Then, everything would change.

The dreaded C word happened…

When it did, I was literally in the middle of a roadtrip from the easternmost point of the US in Lubec Maine, heading down to the southernmost point in Key West, FL with travel plans in Cuba and also, a Caribbean cruise.

With COVID-19 being announced, I found myself stuck in lockdown in the Florida Keys. I know, not a bad place to be stuck, right? However, with my Lupus being an autoimmune disease, I was at high risk.

As soon as they opened those floodgates to the tourists in June 2020, you better believe I went as fast as I could to the mountains of Maine, making my escape to the 2nd safest state at the time. I loved Maine so much that I bought a cute New England farmhouse in 2021 and have been living (and renovating) it ever since.

Watch my interview with Wander to the Edge where I talk about travel and all things Real Girl Review.

Kinda funny how I ended up in Maine where my journey started… Ah well, this is life’s way of teasing us sometimes.

During COVID 2020-2021, I’ve kept my travels to just US and local around New England, which you’ve probably noticed if you follow me on social media. I always love traveling around my country. The US has so many amazing places to explore.

The Journey Has Just Begun

I’m just getting started. There are still so many places out there to discover! Now that the world has opened back up again, I’m excited to embark on my international travel adventures again this year.

I would love if you accompanied me on this journey and joined me for all the adventure! How so?

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